Slide Longboarding | Best Slide Tips and Trick 2021


You can’t talk about longboard sports without referring to skateboarding, though they are not the same but are similar to that of the skateboard. The longboard is longer than the skateboard and has various shapes and moves faster compared to the skateboard. Multiple people describe the longboard in their way. This article will ease the difficulty you are experiencing about slide longboarding down to the least stress experienced. 

Are you having difficulty sliding on a longboard? I guess this is a convenient place to start. A unique move should be developed from styles used for skating done on a hill, the Colemans slide paramount for beginners, and to enable you to stop from a steeping slope on a mountain, the Colemans will do the trick. It can be achieved with ease on soft and hard wheels with no restriction to the length of the board, irrespective of your ability to ride the longboard. A bit of practice is involved in getting to master the sport of longboarding.  Also, to rock and roll on hill hilly paths as long as you slide in your Glove.

Can you slide on any longboard?

Yes! If you are a rider, you can slide any longboard; however, it should be noted that the type of longboarding should be placed under consideration and may entail how easy the longboard might look or how hard the longboard may seem. However, it could be mastered through a series of practices. In a unique sliding board, you might look forward to seeing the lowered deck, which is embedded with spaces for your fit to fit perfectly in. If you are a beginner, you can align with the following steps to enable you to master the art of sliding a longboard, and they include:

At the early stage of practice, it should be noted the space for exercise should be an almost leveled ground and parking car space. 

Beginners should start their board at a moderate speed of about 8 foot pushes before placing both feet on the board before bending, with both feet placed at both ends of the boarding while maintaining a constant speed. 

After placing both feet at both ends of the board, ensure body weight is adjusted to the front in preparation for sliding.

After that, one hand should be placed on one side of the board between the leg to give balance to the board while sliding. At the same time, the other hand should be on the ground from the opposite direction along the direction of your toes. 

After adhering to the few steps given, about how a beginner can slide, with subsequent practice, you will see that you will make a better slide down the hill. However, note that you should be fast while pushing.

What is sliding in longboarding?

Sliding is seen as the free movement of the wheels. It happens after pulling the board in a longboard without holding onto the pavement. Longboards can slide fine in any direction. The popular one for a beginner is Coleman’s slide, which gives the essential and vital skill while learning when going downhill while giving it a halt. After knowing the definition of transparency, it’s better to know some of the types of slides used in a longboard, and they are categorized to be three in number which includes the 

» The Coleman’s slide 

» The pendulum  and 

» Bert slide 

You should know that the slide gives the riders a momentum in controlling how to put the longboard to a halt. This also helps to minimize the speed when descending on a hill. Slides may occupy a massive area, and this is dependent on the rider’s ability to control the board. Sliding could also be traced down to skateboarders.

Do you need unique wheels to slide on a longboard?

For longboarders and skaters, the wheels mean a lot. They can never get enough as it pertains to wheels, here the saying when is enough, enough? It comes in because they hold the motor to high esteem as the wheels are dependent on the type of skill demonstrated by longboarders. The wheels of skateboard and longboard are fashioned from petrochemical known as the polyurethane, which is bouncy, grippy to the touch, and gives a variety of colors. The wheels have sharp thick edges, which offer a grippy nature to the wheels. 

A recommended wheel for longboarding sport is the square lip wheel due to the possession it gives when it holds onto the corners while descending downhill while skating or longboarding. They are preferred because of the faster and tighter grip they have on the ground and angles without doubting traction loss in position while moving or descending downhill. 

Here are some things to note about the diameter of the wheel and they include;

The Bigger wheels possess a top speed however have a slower acceleration

The smaller wheels have a slower top speed but faster acceleration

The lighter and smaller wheels are better slider than larger wheels, more massive wheels

The Bigger wheels tend to be more smooth over rough surfaces during movement. 

Below are steps to making slide gloves for longboarding.

The pair of longboarding slide gloves can be costly sometimes, which might cost about $30-$60; however, it can be constructed to cut the cost of spending that amount with some purchased materials listed below.

Step 1: sourcing for the Materials

The materials needed for the construction of sliding gloves include:

» A pair of gloves. 

» A plastic cutting board with a width of about 1/8 inch.

» a hacksaw for cutting

» duct tape of any color

» Clamps – this could be optional, but it’s dependent on the person fashioning it, and two could be required or more.

» Glue, it could be an adhesive. 

» A piece of wood. 

» A pencil 

» A ruler.

After getting the kinds of stuff required for the sliding gloves, you proceed with the other steps. 

Step 2: Sketch out a design for Your Pucks.

Note that when doing this, it is advisable to surf through the internet for instructable to aid you in the process of constructing the sliding gloves thou this is one. Still, there may exist other ways you can do it a bit faster, and the one you might find suitable and comprehensive.  Before sketching a suitable design for your pucks, you have an appropriate dimension in mind. For instance, the dimensional length for plucks can be 7×1/2cm by7x1/2cm, and the fingers can be 7x2cm.  After the decision and mapping the proper design for the puck, you proceed to the next step. 

Step 3: Cutting Out Your Pucks

In this step, the board is applied during cutting to get the appropriate shapes of pucks. The hacksaw is used for cutting out the shapes of pucks while cutting the clamps could be used to maintain a proper cutting pattern. 

Step 4: The Finishing of the Pucks

At this stage, the rough edges of cut pucks are smoothed out by rubbing the edges on sides to get the desired shape of the circle.

Step 5: Gluing the Pucks to the Glove with adhesives.

It is advised to use a spray adhesive to glue the pucks to the duct tape. After sticking with resin, the pairs of gloves should be attached to the pucks; it is then allowed to dry up as the gloves won’t be assigned without drying up. Noted, I would advise you to use a spray adhesive like the emery spray adhesive.

Step 6: Finished

Conclusively after religiously following the steps above, your sliding gloves are ready for use. You can use them as brakes while in motion

What are the best longboarding slide gloves?

Choosing the best longboard slide gloves can be hard sometimes, but you should know we got you covered. Here we advise when making a choice you should look at the reviews written down by prospective buyers of the different slide gloves. Here is some listing of the best slide gloves in the market today.

You should note that a heavy-duty longboard requires a ton of sliding gloves that can meet up to its duty of action. Thus the slide gloves should be able to protect you from injuries and enable longboarders to showcase their skills while riding. Here is a list of longboard sliding gloves with the best reviews.

Longboard Freeride Slide Gloves 

Longboard Skateboard Race gloves  

Andux Land skateboard slider Slide Glove 

Slide Gloves S/M – Limeburst

longboard Gloves for triple eight sliders 

The sole aim of Slide Gloves is to improve your riding skills without damaging your longboard experience and keeping an injury-free longboard experience irrespective of being a beginner or an experienced rider.

Longboard dancing

This involves the visual dancing or fluid crossing and balancing tricks during motion on a longboard. These skills could be called flatland tricks. During the dancing process, the weight of the rider is not kept affixed in a position but rather moved from one location to balance its importance during the carving process. 

Here are some dancing longboards and they include:

The 48.5″ Loaded Bhangra

The 49″ Loaded Tarab

The 45.5″ Landyachtz Stratus

The 45″ Bustin Daensu

The 47″ Rayne Whip

freeride longboard

If you are a beginner to longboarding, you may be wondering what freeride meant here is the meaning; it involves descending from a hill at a low and moderate speed, unlike racing down the mountain. This could be seen as the direct opposite. Freeriders showcase slides, spins, stunts, and other technical abilities with its longboard at a controlled velocity.

Coleman slide

The Colemans slide a paramount skill for descending a stepping hill where you might come to a halt after some time. Coleman’s slide is considered as the paramount slide before embarking on learning the other slides like the pendulum slide, standing slides, and other slides.

Longboard tricks

Are you dealing comfortably with the skills known already? There are some others you might be pleased with by using it. These might come in progression from the simplest down to the hardest. Here check some of the tricks out. 

Cross-Stepping –The effect of this trick is that it locks your mind from fear and gets you attached to your board with confidence. This trick is done by standing and leveling the body with both fits on the back of the board. This is an iconic trick in longboarding and is called cross-stepping.

Ghostride Heelflip – Another trick is the Ghostrider. It begins with you hopping on your board. After that, your left foot is taken off the board to the toe side. Consequently, your right foot is placed close to your toe side, and you are made to jump until the board flips over. This is done with a series of practices. 

Longboard carving

The fluid-like riding is referred to as carving, and it is the motion like riding, which involves a to and fro movement, which looks like an S-shaped which is described as the trajectory. This is done to maintain momentum and speed while riding. 

If you have not experienced the feeling of longboard carving, you are missing out from its waves, down to its pavement experience. 

Wrapping up

I hope this article answers all the questions you have in mind while surfing the internet. And may you enjoy all that you have in mind during slide longboarding.

Final verdict

When learning longboard sliding, it’s quite stressful and sometimes intimidating at first, but you should know what to hold up to in any situation! Patience, it’s a virtue, not everybody possesses it, but it will keep you in check, coupled alongside persistence is your attitude to work that is your practice. If you uphold these keys, the sky will be your starting point. 

Slide longboarding requires lots of practice to master the little tricks involved. Once you have been able to know the basics attached to slide longboarding, then you can proceed with the other complex once, which can be the balancing of speed and longboard in general. I hope you get the best of what you want from this article.