Razor Scooter Clicks But Won’t Go | A Complete Solution


The electric scooter which works on the basis of electricity, is stored in the inbuilt batteries which are installed in the scooter. Most of the people out there use the razor scooter primarily to get their job done without carrying a heavy vehicle.

It’s a kind of funny way to ride it, since the beginning of the launching if electric scooters the usage is increasing by ×2 per year. The reason behind this is it is compact and foldable so even if you’re dreaming of carrying it with you while traveling you can easily carry it with you. Its lightweight body makes it super easy to carry with you.

The company claims of providing the high-quality razor scooter which means you get an intense amount of choices according to you can select which one suits you. Recently we have written a complete article on razor scooter which will guide you all the way around if you are not well familiar with it.

In this post we are going to cover some of the essential topics that every razor scooter owner needs to know, there are various factors behind purchasing razor scooter which is essential for every owner of the razor scooter to know about. So if you are amongst them then I will suggest you stick with this post as we are going to cover all those topics that you need to know to improve the performance of your razor scooter.

We’re going to talk about electric scooter troubleshooting & razor e100 electric scooter how to start. Also we’re going to cover the things that matter like razor electric scooter reset button & what to do if razor scooter charger light stays green along with that it is essential for you to know that should razor scooter be on when charging or not. 

But before getting dive into the entities let me quickly give you an introduction to razor scooter, so let’s get started. 

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What Is Razor Scooter?

Razor scooter is an electric scooter which consists of certain mechanisms consisting of batteries and certain controls which allows you to have complete control over the scooter. If you’re the one who wanted to get their job done without carrying a vehicle all the time then it’s a great machine.

Micro Mobility System is a kind of best and reliable company out there who used to provide the high quality scooters which is essentially a good quality scooter of all time. It was released in 2003 which means it is kind of trusted brand of all time which supplies high-quality electric scooters that allows you to use them for the traditional purposes.

How to reset a razor electric scooter?

Razor scooter is an electric equipment that allows you to get your work done just by sharing it anywhere with you as it is a folder machine that requires a certain amount of energy through electricity to get charged. There are various factors that depend on razor electric scooter accordingly you need to verify.

Most of the time it happens that Due to certain issues you need to reset a Razor electric scooter in such case you need to fast make sure that there is a scooter with fully turn off, not even charger should Connect with it. The process is pretty simple.

I’ve shortlisted the steps which you need to follow so as to reset the razor electric scooter:-

Make sure to turn off the device and remove it if plug into the charger.

Then after waiting for few minutes press the reset button which is provided to the scooter. 

The power switch of the scooter must lighten up and it must Run which is an indication of reset.

And it’s done the razor scooter is now ready to use as a fresh device, though the scooter might be quite old you will get the feeling of a new one which is a great thing.

Why does my razor scooter not work?

Razor Scooter is electric equipment that needs a certain amount of electricity to get charged. Due to the high consumption of electricity most of the time it happens that the razor scooter stops working and there might be several reasons behind that.

So if you are the one who is a bit hectic about razor scooter not working, nothing to worry much as there might be any reason for so. So you need to figure out the reason behind the razor scooter not work. Following are the reasons which I have shortlisted if you are razor scooter not work:-

Most of the time it happens that scooter gets turn off while riding on it in such case you need to switch off the device and then turn on. 

If Motor light does not light up in such case you need to make sure that razor scooter is connected to the remote control or not.

Most of the time it seems that charging is not enough to drive the razor scooter in such cases make sure to get it charged accordingly. 

Most of the time battery gets to die, so you need to replace the battery with the new one so as to maintain the sustainability of the razor scooter.

How do you fix a razor scooter that won’t fold?

Firstly you need to make sure that to turn the joint release latch which is located just behind the wheel of razor scooter. Once you done that make sure to fold the razor scooter accordingly, and if it’s not folding then make sure to handles must remain at their place which might not hold your razor scooter to get fold accordingly.

Most of the scooters provide The Automatic folding system so you don’t have to do it manually which might be not that good compared to the manual mode. So I will highly recommend you to go with the razor scooter that all I was you to fold the razor scooter manually instead of automatic.

But if you are already the other of the automatic folding razor scooter and facing the difficulty of not getting your scooter food then I will suggest to visit the service center nearby you, they will suggest you accordingly. Also, there might be the need for disassembly of the razor scooter whereas due to a fault in debris stuck at the quick latch so in such case you can resolve it manually.

How do you troubleshoot an electric scooter?

As the razor scooter is an electric machine which consists of batteries and cells which are rechargeable at certain instant so there might be certain issue if it is not working and that’s what we called troubleshoot.

The reasons might be anything but the solution makes the sense and that’s what they are going to talk. I have listed some of the troubleshoot electric scooter so as to get rid of this:-

In most of the cases the dust occurs on the battery and debris in such cases you need to figure out what you can do to maintain the sustainability. All you need is to clean it up using the small stick.

Make sure that there connectors and wires are text correctly and none of the issues might occur in that.

Most of the time it happens that the battery becomes too old and does not accept much charging so you need to replace it by all new high voltage battery that supplies a huge amount of electricity.

The scooter comes with the specific weight limit so if overload it then you might not get many results while riding.

Razor Scooter Click But Won’t Go

Razor scooter is an electric device that consists of electric energy that supplies the subsequent amount of energy through the circuit. So if you’re the one who suffers from not moving the razor scooter then there might be several reasons behind it like overloading, less battery usage, .etc.

We’ve already covered lot more things which states the reason behind razor scooter won’t go forward so if you are the one who faces certain difficulty then you might need to check the electric scooter and its connection properly.

There might be battery problem so make sure to check that one out if it you want get charged then there is a need for replacement of battery to make the razor scooter Run. Despite this if the razor scooter does not supply energy then there’s a need to check the scooter so maintain it properly.

Razor MX350 Just Clicks

If you already know owner of razor scooter and face there difficulty to get it on or any other with the MX 350 model then I will suggest you to visit their service centre before getting your scooter loose. They will verify it subsequently and provides a solution so as to get the problem sorted.

The MX 350 is one of the latest and highly purchase what is scooter models which comes with various unique features in it. Most of the time it just clicks and what provides the much output compared to the other razor scooters like MX 500 which is one of the best in class and most reliable scooter of all time.

Make sure to charge the battery is subsequently to avoid the emptiness of that battery along with that the scooter must be maintained subsequently which will help you to supply much energy.

Razor e90 Reset Button

Are you the Owner of razor e 90 scooter you might get surprised to know that it is one of the most powerful machines available out there in terms of the scooter which is provided by the company. So in case if you suffer any of the difficulty related to the scooter then I will suggest you visit their nearest service centre to get it started as quickly as possible to maintain the sustainability of the scooter.

Most of the time it happens that scooter won’t run as quickly in such cases, you need to reset it more frequently to make it run like an all-new scooter. Unlike most of the razor scooters, this one has a reset button too but it’s not easy to find it as it is hidden somewhere between the body.

If you struggle from any of the issues related to the razor e90 then make sure to reset it. Though it’s not the only option if the battery cells have already died. Figure out the issue first and then move on to its repair process. It’s not that tough to repair the scooter as all of the parts are distributed accordingly

Razor e100 Circuit Breaker

If you’re looking for troubleshooting the e100 razor scooter model then this sub-topic will help you a lot in various different ways depending on your scooter. The company provides various different types of scooters depending on their work pattern and here comes the all-new razor e100 which is basically an entry-level razor scooter that provides you various different features that might blow up your mind.

If you already own razor e100 then you might be facing difficulty with circuit breaker problem which is usually called the reset button that needs to be replaced if not working properly. Reset button in razor scooter is essential to estimate in sustainability and you will be able to reset the scooter most frequently according to your need.

Most of the time it happens that your razor scooter doesn’t work due to lack of battery or malfunction in such cases you will always need help of reset button which will help you to reset your device and to make it like a a fresh and new one.

The replacement of the circuit breaker is super simple as you can do it manually by yourself but I will not suggest doing that instead, you can visit the nearby service centre to get it done.

Razor scooter charger light stays green

There are various entity is on which razor scooter functionality depends upon which we have included in this post. We have recently written the complete article on the charger itself which will clarify your doubt more frequently, unless and until you don’t change the battery.

Indication light is mentioned over there on the charger which shows various results depending on the features provided by the charger itself. If you are the one who already was the razor scooter and suffering from the charger light, which remains on consistently then there might be a certain reason for that as I have mentioned below:-

If the charger light stays green that means the battery is fully charged so unplug it as soon as possible which will save much of your electricity and also maximize your battery strength.

If the battery lights stay read that means you need to plug in the charger so as to charge the razor scooter at a certain instances.

Despite all even after unplugging the charger If It stays green then it means your charger is faulty and you need to replace it to make the indication light provides a great output and the exact one.

Razor e100 Controller Bypass

Bypass of the razor scooter is nothing but it starting it which is super easy if you do it subsequently and in a certain manner. Razor e100 is one of the types of razor scooter which is kind trendy if you’re struggling a lot with it to get it started, then you might be lacking something that makes it start.

Make sure to first turn off the vehicle and then turn on the power button which makes it start. Make sure to plug it off from the charging socket to avoid any kind of defect while starting it. A similar way of starting the controller bypass may vary on each razor scooter models.

Controller of the razor scooter is a major part that you cannot ignore so bypassing it is very necessary so as to make it works subsequently and in a certain manner.

Electric scooter troubleshooting

In this post recently we have covered a lot more things about troubleshooting and the necessary things which you need to know if you are facing any issue with the electric scooter.

The electric scooter is a piece of equipment which runs on the electric power so as to store the electricity the battery is attached in it, but let me tell you there might be several different ways if the electric scooter is not starting and that’s what I’m gonna explain to you for the more:-

If the electric scooter is not starting or turning on then make sure to charge it more frequently because most of the time it happened that charging is not enough to get it to start.

Even after the charging, it is not starting then you need to replace the battery because it is not capable of inserting the energy in it.

Most of the models taking e100 and e500 are the two major models that require a subsequent amount of energy to get started.

If the scooter is not accelerating then make sure to check the controller or take the scooter to the service center as quickly as possible to avoid the damage of the razor scooter.

Razor e100 Electric Scooter How To Start

Razor scooter comes with where are different models depending on your choice and here comes the all-new e100 which produces a certain amount of torque while riding but sometimes it you don’t get start Due to certain issues like battery failure which is the major aspect, in such case you need to verify it properly so as to make it start.

To get it started make sure that battery is running or not and if the battery is running on one if it won’t get started then there might be the problem in the charger, change it if possible and purchase high voltage charger that produces a high amount of electricity to get your electric scooter charged more quickly as possible.

Razor Slide Scooter Is Clicks But Won’t Go

I notice most of the people struggling from not getting the razor scooter to go which is a major problem but if you sort it out in a certain manner then it’s done easily for you to make the razor scooter start. The reason behind not getting the razor scooter start might be the battery problem which needs to be replaced subsequently so as to store the amount of electricity in it.

Decide this even if it won’t get charged then you need to replace the charger which is the major aspect to get your razor scooter charged.

So these were some of the major aspects of razor scooter please but want to go now let’s move on to the FAQ which asked by most of the people out there.


Is razor scooter reliable or not? 

Razor scooter is one kind of electric scooter that is more reliable compared to the other manufacturers available out there as it is trusted amongst all.

Do razor scooter provides a warranty or not? 

The manufacturer of razor scooter provides a certain amount of warranty so you no need to worry about that, day after you have to maintain the scooter for that the charge a very few amount of money.

Why most of the razor scooter like e100 won’t go? 

Due to certain effects if you like battery don’t fill the electricity in the battery it won’t get charged due to this it won’t go or move in the forward direction.

So these were some of the effects that you need to know about the razor scooter and the troubleshooting.

Final Verdict

Razor scooter is an electric device that runs on the basis of electricity which is supplied to the charger in its battery which is installed in the scooter. There are several different types of scooters available in the market place which you can purchase but specifically make sure to purchase the decent scooter which provides you great value for money.

So we’ve discussed a lot more things about electric scooter troubleshooting and what to do if razor scooter charging light stays green which is essential for you to know about. Also we’ve covered a lot more things about how to test razor scooter motor and razor e90 button. There are various aspects like razor 360 trike & razor scooter reset button not working. 

Most of the time it happens that it is a razor scooter clicks but won’t go or move in the forward direction in such case you need to verify that it is producing a certain amount of energy or not. For that, you can check the battery of scooter which is installed in it and the charger which is supplied to it, which will give you an idea that the razor scooter is in the right condition or not, accordingly you can go furthermore.