Longboard vs. Cruiser- Things To Know


Are you wondering Longboard vs. Cruiser, which is the better one? Many people find this decision hard to make. That’s because both of these boards look a lot alike. If you’re not a person who knows much about types of skateboards, you will think it’s the same thing. 

But in reality, these two boards are not very alike as they have many differences from each other. And it’s used for two different purposes. 

In this article, you will come across topics such as the following. Longboard vs. Cruiser- what are they, Longboard vs. Cruiser- difference, Longboard vs. Cruiser- ease of use, and much more.

After reading this article, you will have an understanding of which one suits you best.

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What are longboards and Cruiser boards?


A longboard is like a skateboard, but it is not the same as a skateboard. It’s usually more significant than a skateboard and has different shapes. Many people use Longboard for traveling, cruising, and downhill racing. And when you use it, it’s called “longboarding.” 

Because of the length and width of this board, it helps to have a smooth ride. This makes it very comfortable for the user. Because of the abilities of the board, such as speed, carvings, and significant turns, it’s often compared to surfing. 

The Longboard also comes in many styles. Some of these styles are pintail longboards, drop through, and drop down longboards. You can select one of these styles based on your preferences and riding styles. Each method gives you a different feel; this depends on the material it’s made with and the shape.


Cruisers are the smaller version of longboards and the taller version of skateboards. They commonly have flat surfaces, and the tail of the board is either elevated or concave. 

They are best for traveling to school or college. This means that it’s most suitable for short distances. And it’s used to roll around, which is very comfortable. 

It is also very light in weight compared to a longboard, so carrying it around is easy. If you want to skate downhill and do carvings, then the Cruiser is not a suitable board for you. Because of its soft wheels, it makes it easier to navigate through rough terrains.

Like longboards, the cruiser skateboard also comes in many shapes and sizes. You can also do a few tricks on this board because of its kicktail feature.

Types of Skateboards


You can find longboards in different sizes and shapes. But the main rule is that the Longboard should always be 33 inches or longer. There are many types of longboards, and the following are some of them.

1› Pintail longboards– the pintail shape avoids the wheel of the board from touching the board. It also provides a lot of foot space. You can take deep carvings on the longboard pintail, and it is best for cruising. 

2› Commuting Longboard– this type is best to travel for long distances as it is very comfortable. This board features a drop-down, drop-through, or a double drop design. It is not that long and is easy to transport. And it is suitable for any level of skill. 

This board is about the ability to glide and comfort and ease of use. One of the best commuter skateboards is the Pantheon Ember Longboard. And the Pantheon Trip Longboard and Bustin Maestro Longboard are also great boards.

3› Twin tip– in this type, the tail and nose of the board are made symmetrically. This method helps to avoid any kind of wheel bite. You can find drop-through decks commonly on this type of Longboard. It makes it suitable for deep carves. 

If you decide to buy a longboard, always make sure to try the Retrospec longboard. They have some of the best longboards, and they’re high in quality. 


The Cruiser is also an excellent method of transport. The most significant advantage of a cruiser is the ability to move it around without difficulty. Because of its small size dodging obstacles and making tight turns is easy. But beginners might need more stability to use this board. 

But this board is not suitable for going fast or doing flips or any type of tricks. Also, if you are a beginner, then stabilizing on this type of commission will be difficult. If you want to get the best out of a cruiser, then make sure to ride it on flat roads and cities.

Carve skateboards

This type is made with a special kind of front truck. It helps you to tilt the skateboard, change the direction of the wheels. And it also helps the front vehicles to pivot. These are all done much better than a standard skateboard. 

In this board, you can generate your speed. It is done by pumping the pump either backward or forward. It will make you feel like you are surfing. 

But this board is not that suitable for going fast, tricks or flips and stability for beginners.

Mini cruisers

A mini-cruiser is like a cruiser, but it is smaller in size. Due to the popularity, these boards are made with either plastic or wood. The benefit of this is that now it’s even easier to carry around. 

This is the best board for young beginners. The board is suitable for youngsters looking to perfect their balance and get grips of the board. 

This board is not only suitable for young beginners. But it’s also useful for experienced users who are looking for different styles of riding. But it’s not ideal for going fast, and a beginner will have to try hard to manage their balance. 

The mentioned boards are only a few out of many skateboards that are available nowadays. If you don’t like any of the above committees, then there are still other options available.

Longboard vs. cruiser difference

Many people become confused when it comes to the difference between Longboard vs. Cruiser. This is because both of these boards look the same, but they both have their variations. So Longboard vs. Cruiser boards, what the difference is?


They are the more extended version of a skateboard

Wheels are soft. But in some cases, the user replaces the wheels with hard ones. 

You can use it to do tricks or to race down a road.

The trucks come in different styles. And its angle sharper and higher. 

Decks have different styles

Both ends can have symmetrical boards. You can do tricks on this type of board.

As a drop deck style, more than the ends, the middle is lower. This makes it an excellent fit for downhill riding.


It has a pointed front, which helps the user to cut through the air. And the board is flat. This enables us to achieve high speed.

Small wheels

It’s used to travel around town. 

Tricks aren’t supported on this board, and kicking it in the air is not possible.

Standing on it is more comfortable, and it picks up speed faster than longboards.

 Shorter than longboards, which makes it easier for you to carry it around.

The thin deck helps to achieve speed faster.

Longboard vs. Cruiser Skateboard Features

Knowing the features of these types of boards will help you to identify Longboard vs. Cruiser, which is better.


All longboards have different features and shapes. This is beneficial to the user in different ways. It also provides a variety of riding characteristics. 

The kicktail– if you don’t know what a kicktail is, it’s usually there on both sides of a skateboard. Kick tails provide the benefit of helping you to kick the board off the ground. Thus it’s used to do many tricks or hop curbs and even to make fast turns. 

You can find longboards with kick tails on both sides of the board or one side of the board. 

Wheel cutouts– to help avoid wheel bites on your Longboard, wheel wells, and wheel cutouts are present. A wheel bite is when the wheels contact the deck because of hard cornering. When this happens, you usually fall off your board, which can be harmful. 

But when wheel cutouts are present, it allows you to make the hardest turns. That’s done by avoiding the wheels from contacting the deck of the board.

Concave deck– usually grip tape helps to keep your feet on the board. But other than that, the concave deck also plays a role. A concave deck means that the edge of the board is higher than the center of the board.

When you stand on this board, your feet will fit the concave shape. It increases the area of contact with your shoe, which helps to have a better grip. But the amount of concave depends on the style of riding of the board. 

Wheels– the wheels of the board play a huge role in keeping the grip between you and the road. This affects the ability to corner and speed. The Longboard has different types of wheels, depending on each style of riding.


Wheel flares– a cruiser usually have wheel flares and a narrow nose. This is there to help reduce the risk of wheel rub. This feature comes in handy when taking tight carvings in small spaces

Soft wheels– the smooth wheels of the Cruiser make cruising very suitable. That’s because it works as a shock absorbent. Especially when traveling through uneven terrains. And when you’re carving, it gives better traction. 

Tail– these features give you the benefit of helping you jump up and down curbs. But this feature may vary depending on the type you buy and the purpose of it.

Difference between Longboard and Skateboard

Many people wonder about the difference between a longboard and a skateboard. In short, the Longboard is the more extended version of a skateboard. The following are some differences between the two to help you differentiate them.


As mentioned before, the Longboard is longer than the skateboard. The average size of a skateboard is usually 28- 34 inches in length and 7- 10 inches in width. The average size of a longboard is 35- 60 inches in length and 9-10 inches in diameter. 


Both of these boards look different in appearance—Skateboards curve upwards at both sides. But the Longboard comes in different shapes and does not curve at the ends. But this board at the terms has two narrow strips. This makes cruising easier. 


In comparison to skateboards, the Longboard has much softer and bigger wheels. It gives it the shock absorbent feature and the ability to go faster. Because of this, the board is even suitable to go on terrains. But the skateboard has small wheels which help to control speed and do tricks. 


Because of the size of the Longboard, it makes balancing much more comfortable. It means for small skateboards, and you need to have a good balancing skill. And the Longboard is much convenient for users with large feet. 


In comparison to longboards, the skateboard is much suitable for doing tricks. It is because of its small wheels, curved ends, and length. It helps to do zigzags and different types of methods. And also, the short skateboard is much easier to carry than the Longboard.

Cruiser board vs. Skateboard- Which is Easier to Ride?

If we focus on wooden cruisers than plastic cruisers, they are best for cruising around the city. And it is also suitable for transportation. The wooden cruiser board has a deck that is wider than plastic cruiser boards. 

It makes wooden cruisers much more comfortable to ride than plastic boards. If you compare the cruiser board to a skateboard, the Cruiser has a much higher truck. It also has softer and larger wheels. It makes the cruiser board far more comfortable to ride than a skateboard.

Longboard vs. Skateboard- Which is Easier to Ride?

The Longboard takes less effort and time to get used to its feel. Because of the large deck and the wheelbases, the user can move around in a much comfortable way. It makes it easier for the user to use the board as a beginner. 

But if longboards are more comfortable to ride than skateboards depends on certain factors. The Longboard’s made for cruising at high speed and for turning. In this case, the Longboard is more comfortable to control than a skateboard in extended downhill runs.

Focusing on trick skating, kickflips, and rail slides, the skateboard is much easier to use than a longboard. 

But if you question for beginners, the most suitable board between the two is the Longboard. Because the Longboard is much broader in space, balancing on this board is much more comfortable. So the Longboard for beginners is easy to use.

Skateboard or Cruiser for beginner

Almost every professional skateboarder started by cruising around at one point. The Cruiser is not a type of skateboard that you can use at a park. But it helps a lot to learn how to ride. If you want to use a professional skateboard, then you have to start by using a cruiser. 

Cruisers are much suitable for beginners because they are easy to use even on rough roads. And you don’t have to put much effort into pushing it. In comparison to most skateboards, the Cruiser gives much more stability. 

The Cruiser is the perfect combination between the Longboard and the skateboard. It’s easy to carry, and you will benefit from its large and soft wheels. If you’re a beginner wondering what type of skateboard you must buy, then the Cruiser is the one.

Pintail Longboard vs. Cruiser

Set up a pintail with the correct components that it needs; it is one of the best boards for cruising and carving. Before you buy a pintail, make sure to keep your height, weight, and location in mind. 

You can use this type of board to ride downhill. If you want to identify a downhill pintail board, then they have a full deck than normal pintails. 

But the pintail is not the best board for tricks and freestyle. But there are a few tricks that you can try on this board.

 It is best for carving and cruising. And when you ride a pintail, it feels a lot like riding a snowboard. If you want to get the best out of this board, then use it on small hills and flat land. 

The cruiser board is a lot like the pintail board, which is not suitable for tricks, ideal for skateboard cruising, and commuting. 

But when it comes to deciding between a pintail Longboard and a cruiser, the pintail board is better. This is because the pintail board is much larger than a boat, which gives the user more stability. Due to this, beginners find this board much easier to use. 

But if you are an experienced rider, then the Cruiser is more suitable for you. This is because it is difficult to use than a pintail.

Longboard vs. Bike Commuting

Are you thinking of using eco-friendly methods of transportation that are athletic? Then, bikes and longboards must have crossed your mind. So, Longboard vs. bike, which is the better one? 

The answer to this question depends on how skilled you are, your level of experience, and the environment. According to the level of difficulty, the Longboard is much harder than riding a bike. But longboards are much more fun to ride than bikes. 

Also, the bike is more suitable if you have to ride through rough terrains. This is because when it comes to safety, the motorcycle has breaks and pedals. So, when you ride through pebbles, the bike won’t send you flying. But in this case, the Longboard is not guaranteed to keep you stable. 

If you are looking for a more robust method of transport, then you must choose the Longboard. This is because to ride the Longboard, and you need much more energy than a bike.

But, the Longboard requires more skills as well as time to learn how to ride it. Almost every child’s taught how to ride a bike when they are young. But longboards are not so typical. 

Even though riding a longboard can be difficult, it’s much more suitable for commuting than a bike. Longboards are more convenient and athletic than riding bikes. Even though riding through terrains is severe, you can adjust the wheels of the board. This will help you to have a smooth ride.

Longboard vs. Cruiser- Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of longboards

•  Longboards have a lot of variety. This allows you to cruise, carve, race, as well as do tricks.

Because longboards are wide and long, you won’t have difficulty in moving your feet around. 

The concave deck of most longboards helps to have a better grip on the board.

Disadvantages of longboards

Longboards are big. Because of this, moving the board around or transporting it won’t be as easy as small boards.

Longboards are expensive in comparison to most boards.

Advantages of cruisers

 Because cruisers are small in size, it is easy to carry them. Transporting a warship is not at all a task as you can even fit one in your school bag. 

It has soft wheels. This helps the rider to have a smooth ride even on rocky terrains. 

Because of its small size, the user can make tight turns without difficulty.

Disadvantages of Cruisers

Cruisers are not suitable for beginners as the rider will find it difficult to find their balance. In this case, the Longboard is much more appropriate. 

Most cruisers have a small deck size. Because of this, the user does not have enough space to move around. And might find it challenging to catch the perfect footing. 

Cruisers are not suitable for speed riding or for doing tricks and flips.

Where to buy a Longboard, Cruiser, Skateboard

After deciding which board suits you best, you must be wondering where to buy a board? Purchasing any type of skateboard is not a task as you can find it easily in any shop that sells sports equipment. 

You can buy boards either through a physical store or an online shop where the equipment will be delivered.

Online stores

The following are sites where you can buy skateboards, cruisers, and longboards online.

1〉 The longboard store- This store was first established in the year of 2006. Their main goal is to provide their customers with high-quality longboards. This includes accessories at a high price as well. The manufacturers recommend all the components included in the Longboard.

They even take up custom orders where you can decide the design and features of your Longboard. And if you live in the USA, you will enjoy free shipping. To place your order, click here.

2〉 Amazon- if you want to make your search fast and easy, then amazon is a suitable store for you. Amazon has a great variety of longboards and cruisers. If you want to buy a board for a low price, then you can go for a used board. 

3〉 CCS- This online shop has different skateboards and longboards. It is starting from wheels to decks. Not only does it have boards, but it also has shoes, clothing, and accessories, all from different brands.

Physical stores

1〉 Westside skate shop- in this shop, you can buy a variety of items related to skateboards. Some of these items are footwear, clothing, longboards, accessories, skateboards, and much more. You can also pre exclusive order items in this store. 

2〉 Board shops of America- This particular store have an expansive selection of boards. It also has skateboard hardware, wheels, and skateboard apparel. Even the staff in this shop is experienced skaters. With their help, you can find a board that is suitable for you. 

3〉 Skate America- this shop also has skateboards, shoes, decks, wheels, trucks, and much more. Order online and save money with the discounts you get. 

Other than the above stated online stores and physical stores, you can find skateboards in shops that sell sports equipment if you’re not sure what type of skateboard suits you, you can buy based on your height and weight. 

Make sure to ask the opinion of the store owner. This will help you to make sure that the item you purchased is suitable for you.


Shortly said, both the Cruiser and the Longboard are great options. Especially for anyone looking to be athletic. If you want to lose calories while traveling between towns, then these boards are for you. 

Longboard vs. Cruiser, which is better? People use longboards or cruisers for fun or to travel without expenses. But the suitability of both these boards depends on several factors. Such as when it comes to skateboard vs. Longboard for college, the skateboard wins out. 

This is because the skateboard is much smaller in size. And when you go to college, you can pack it in your bag and carrying it around with you won’t be a task at all. But the same thing cannot be said with the Longboard. 

Since the Longboard is substantial than a skateboard, it is not so convenient. And carrying it around with you can be difficult. 

Like that, the suitability of these boards depends on what you want to use it for. Such as if you want you to want to be a professional skater or if you want to use it to travel around towns. Your level of experience also matters when choosing aboard. 

So in a case, you find it difficult to choose between a cruiser and a skateboard think about the purpose. Either way, both these boards are great for different purposes.