How do a Longboard Carving | A Complete Guide for Beginners


You knowing its worthless being on high speed without controlling it that’s where carving on a longboard comes to play, this article will carefully walk you through the various means by which you can cut an on longboard and reasons why Carving is paramount in a longboard. 

It’s incredible seeing the lovers of longboards move in a  fluid like manner. Maintaining a particular rhythm gives joy to the soul while performing, sometimes it is understood that their feet do not come in contact with the ground while pushing while they negotiate in an endless curve, how amazing. 

This flowy style of riding is referred to as the Carving. Have you ever thought about what could be the meaning of longboard carving? Here is the purpose, and it will awe you. The sculpture is a fluidlike or flowy manner in which a longboard is ridden without a break in succession. Therefore, giving an S like a shaped platform, which is called a trajectory. This occurs to create and maintain speed and momentum.

What do you think is the purpose of Longboard Carving?

Most riding styles revolve around Carving. Irrespective of where you are riding it on, being it water or snow its referred to as Carving. One of the prevalent disciplines of longboarding is carving, and some other training in Carving which is also attributed to Carving are:

Cruising: this involves moving around on a longboard or could be used for commuting.  

Freeriding: this refers to the controlled manner at which a rider descends downhill while sliding and maneuvering at a limited speed. 

Freestyling: tricks this involves the technical methods used while riding creatively. 

Carving on a longboard mimics ocean surfing, it’s both technical and somewhat artistic, bringing a great feeling of pleasure, motion, and freedom.  The sculpture is about curves and speed. Engraving is at its best when there is a manner of control in the rate at which you go downhill in a natural way, without an external force attached while riding. 

How to do basic Carving on a longboard

The goal of every rider when carving is to give an imaginary and unforgettable curve that will serve the test of time on the asphalt. This is achieved by making successive turns in this manner. These turns could be sharp or smooth, make sure you don’t seem to forget them in a hurry. These turns could be initiated by shifting your bodyweight intermittently to the edge of your board, pressing your toes against the board, then your heels into the board rail, furthermore with another transition into the track. This is referred to as rail shifting.

By observing the steps above, the longboard rail will make the board turn. You should know that the more you apply your weight and pressure on the board, the wheels rotate more and gives a sharp turn. 

Best Longboard For Carving

Do you think any discipline could outweigh carving in longboarding? I don’t think so, because it’s a top-notch skill any land border should be equipped with immediately after the pushing ability. Since riding can be incorporated into various riding styles, it can also be seen as a riding style of its own, which can also be an inspiration to some other sports activities like surfing. 

Have you ever wondered what makes a good carving longboard? As different carving boards can be used for Carving, but not all will give the satisfaction you desire, as it pertains to the type of sharp turn you want, ability to maintain a constant speed throughout pumping: this could also be referred to as rail to rail transition. Typical here are the features you would want your carving longboard to have if you wish to a tight turn as well as a constant speed throughput your pumping during Carving and they include;

» A deck with a lot of leverage over the trunk. And a mid-sized layer.

» A board that will have an optimal response and tight energy when turning. 

» A lock-in for foot comfort.

» There should be space between wheels and the large cutouts.

» Should have a turning and be responsive when pumping occurs. 

» The wheels should be with the right balance and roll speed. 

However, in all, you should know that there are lots of great carving boards out there, but my favorite are those with the qualities mentioned above.

Why do we carve on a longboard?

You being new to the longboard is not an excuse for not carving thou. It seems to be confusing at first. However, you should know that it is just a tip of the iceberg after knowing what it entails. Carving requires riding in successive turns transiting from one edge of the board to the other corner of the board.

You can make a toeside turn by hurting your weight on your toes, and in front of your rail thou, this might seem hard, but then as you master the tricks of Carving, it might seem more comfortable than it is. This process is repeated. 

The purpose of Carving differs for so many people, and some of the reasons for Carving are;

» It could be for the moderation of speed while going downhill; this moderation could be in the form of successive turns to slow down the pace at which the longboard is descending.

» I am enjoying the ride while cruising at a moderate or controlled speed.

» We are reducing the stress of pushing and pumping when traveling long distances. 

What type of longboard is best for Carving?

There are so many longboards categorized based on the type of reviews given by various buyers and users of different longboards, but the one known for its best carving skills as it pertains to sharp and tight turns is the Arbor Axis 37 Solstice B4BC.

Arbor Axis 37 Solstices B4BC

Arbor is known for the sophisticated snowboard they produce as well as the excellent longboard designed which gives a similar feel like the snowboard. The prices of the boards provided by Arbor can’t also be left out as they are considered at every point. Here are some of the characteristics of the boards offered by Arbor. And they are;

» Arbor is known for the quality of materials their boards are produced with, which makes them serve the test of time. 

» The boards produced by Arbor are known as the drop through the board, which gives a carving flowy feel.

» The carving boards produced maintain a standard length of 37,” and 8.38” wide as the materials are responsibly sourced. 

» The boards are known to use momentum core tech to reduce bumpy moves. 

Is it more comfortable to ride a skateboard or longboard?

Majorly so many individuals might get pissed when you say skateboarding seems a lot easier than longboard; however, relatively speaking, a few individuals would disagree with that as they can effortlessly get used to the feel of the longboard with just a limited time.[source: Krcmar]. This is so because the longboards possess long wheelbases and broader decks that enable the rider to move at its comfort. 

Here is the question that comes to mind when you are really into both sports, is longboard easier than longboard? The answers given are dependent on the types of activities engaged in by the two games. For longboards, it is designed explicitly to sharp turns and smooth transition on high momentum over a long distance, and the speed could be controlled while for skateboard, it could be moved only in skateparks and on vertical pipes.

What is the best longboard for beginners?

It is known that recent times longboards have become readily available as they are used as a transport medium, and used for cruising downhills and entertainment. Having given a least of longboard for beginners, the recommended longboard for beginners includes;

» A volador 40-Inch ‘complete cruiser Freeride Longboard.

» PlayStation Drop-Through Longboard Skateboard and Cruiser.

Volador 40-Inch complete Cruiser Freeride Longboard – Best Longboard for Beginners

Here are the reasons why it is recommended for beginners aiming to be best in the longboard.


• It can be used for dual purposes, which could either be a downhill longboard or a cruiser. 

This longboard is fitted with an 8-ply maple wood deck.

The stability and balance this longboard offers are of high quality.

This type of longboard is fitted with drop through trucks. 

The materials Volador 41inch is made of industrial friendly materials that can serve the test of time. 

The weight of this longboard is something else as its lightweight. 

This type of board is categorized with its sharp turn


The pros of the longboard outlay the cons of the best longboard for beginners. And they are as follows;

There is a significant difference between the base plate and a standard benchmark, which are 40 and 45 degrees. 

The bearing might be squeaky.

Cruising Longboard

Cruising refers to the moving of a longboard in a relaxed manner or in a flowy way. This riding could be slowing down a road or the streets of a city or roaming about in a mall or moving from one place to another place. This is a trendy longboard routine with no restriction to age. It can also be seen as all longboard activities that are not performed downhill by a longboard rider. Here are some common cruise styles that might catch your breath;

» Boardwalk 

» Long-distance cruising

» Flat ground carving

» Urban cruising 

Longboard Pumping

Longboard pumping refers to the alternative method of pushing your longboard for it to move faster on flat surfaces, it could be uphill, and also in short and long distances. It is carried out by carrying your back to and fro, and shifting your body in a manner at which your body will be able to make quick turns without your feet coming in contact with the ground.

Why should we pump on a longboard?

As observed by Daniel Gesmer, who is one of the renowned pumpers of the longboard spotlighted the reason why they engage in pumping, I quote, ‘this is done to propel yourself with turns as it is an easy and precise method to balance oneself with its weight.’ And this can be mastered with constant practice,

Longboard Tricks

Are you comfortable with your position on the board, when cruising, turning, moving at high speed and taking tight turns, which seems like you’re your second nature? here are some basic longboard tricks that will make give you grandiose when embarking on, and they include;

» Cross-Stepping 

» Ghostride Heelflip Shuvit 

» No Comply 180  

How to longboard for beginners

 Here is a list of longboarding tips that will help you get started while reducing the stress and pains you might go through while learning the necessary skills of the longboard. 

Get the right board ready for work.

find your stance at every point while on the board

find your balance in static mode

practice your turning stance regularly 

practice your push & brake stance

learn to brake without external help

Start riding on a mild hill before indulging in a hard one.

Practice frequently turning before taking it to the next step.

Learn to carve to moderate the speed at which the longboard is descending.

It’s okay to fall while practice, as you know smooth water, doesn’t make a good sailor 

learn to slide while riding as a beginner

your mind should be able to capture the rules which are not written down.

What is the best longboard for sliding and carving?

Have you ever heard of a duo purpose skateboard before? It is the Jucker Hawaii it is initially known for its longboard tendencies, but still performs the characteristics attributed to skateboard thus as it can be used for sliding and cruising at the same time. The impressive part is that the longboard is a more extended deck, which gives it both the Carving and sliding tendency. Here are some pros and cons of the duo longboard. 


The bearings are infused with oil or grease. 

It possesses high-quality wheels, bush, and trucks. 

It also has a durable tape.

The rides on this longboard are smooth and impressive as they serve two purposes. 


They possess botched kick-tail fiberglass. 

What is a Longboard Stance?

It is the paramount stage of longboarding as you learn how to stand on it. It is called a longboard stance.  And the longboard stance refers to the systematic way you place your feet for you to gain balance while riding a longboard. In other words, it can be considered as the posture you assume on your longboard while riding. People take different positions during a stance; however, what you do during a stand is dependent on the areas you choose. For instance, if you intend to foot push or brake, or make a sharp turn or Carving, increasing your speed or slowing down or performing tricks with your longboard. 

Thus you should know that the way you place your feet plays a significant role during the longboard stance.

Freeride longboarding

This involves downhill riding, which stems from low to a controlled speed, with the sole aim of performing a stylish power slide. This is unlike downhill racing, in which there is the constant maintenance of maximum speed all through the racing. Freeriders perform slides spins and other technical maneuvers; it is for the grandiose of it and to moderate the velocity. The primary skills freeriding longboarding is composed of is pushing and relaxed riding at a moderate speed on roads and streets.

Freeride longboarding: controlling speed through sliding

When you talk about freeriding longboarding, it is impossible not to talk about power slides as it is the central technique used by free-riders. As you ride downhill, the hard turn negotiated when descending downhill across the slope and pushing the weight of your body into the rail so as to enable the wheels to lose traction,  in order to allow the motor to stop spinning and drift sideways in a controlled way, as friction is applied to the bikes it enables the wheels loss speed quickly and slows down. 

Slides can be seen as the powerhouse that’s the nucleus of freeriding, however not all free-riders perform slides in order to modify their speed; this could be attributed to downhill/racing but can be done when doing styles. Like I said earlier, sliding is the powerhouse freeriding as it makes the understanding of freeriding cogent in longboarding.

Drop-through Longboards

A drop – through longboard allows the basal plate located in the trunk to be installed through the bridge(i.e., cutout in a deck that). Therefore, making the longboard closer to the base of the pack. The lowered surface gives room for the stability of the longboard at high speed. The drop-through the board is excellent for free riders and longboarders. Drop through longboards are very affordable to buy; however, there are steep drops through boards, which can also cost a fortune, and they are majorly used for freeriding on the longboard. 

Pros of Drop through Decks

Drop through longboard is mainly for setting up cruisers due to the benefits they give towards riding however it should be noted that drop through boards are not structurally strong to withstand the pressure exerted on the boards by the increase in speed, but they are more flexible than the top mount. 

It should be noted that because of the lowered base possessed by the drop through boards, they are easier to push in comparison with the top-mount longboard. 

Drop through longboards are very easy to slide as they possess a shallow center of gravity 

They have a high rating for stability as they are lower to the ground. 

Here are some examples drop through the board that is flexed in comparison with some other drop through longboard, which is stiffer and more durable, and they include Dervish and the DB Coreflex. 

Cons of Drop through Decks

Like I spotted earlier on, the pros of drop through longboards decks are not structurally the strongest as it does not withstand intense pressure exerted on it.

It is advised that drop through longboards should be used for carving and cruising. However, it should be noted that drop through boards aren’t rotten boards at all.

An excellent example of drop through longboard is the atom drop through longboard.

Atom Drop-through Longboard.

If you are in love with stability, and you want to derive maximum satisfaction from the balance you desire then atom drop through longboard is the best choice you can ever make. Here are some features that will amaze you.

This drop through longboard eases the stress of pushing and gives you the best of what you want, as it pertains to movement and commuting. 

It also offers leverage in making turns at ease due to its shape and closeness to the ground. 

The deck is laminated which gives it a fascinating look 

It gives ease while riding because they possess an axle of about 245mm.


They have fascinating designs that are catchy to the eyes. 

It is known for its limited pushing as it gives the rider a smooth experience. 

Possesses a durable wheel that gives a better grip and control while riding. 


 It has a limited warranty, and it is not globally recognized.  

Wheels for Carving

The wheels for carving should be soft, which makes cutting more fun because they grip and roll over rough platforms. Smooth wheels are the best for Carving and are mostly the wheel maneuvering in the concrete, while you engage in negotiating a tight turn.

The best Longboard for Carving and Cruising

The longboard for both Carving and cruising is the Quest super cruiser, which is the longboard recommended for any age and style for cruising and Carving. It is composed of a 44-inch plywood deck, fashioned from bamboo and wood to be precise maple woods, which makes it account for flexibility and durability. And also, it could be said that this longboard is fashioned with quality materials that can serve the test of time without being afraid of deterioration. Some qualities of the carving and cruising longboard are;

There is a strike in the balance between flexibility and stiffness during production.

It is made out of quality, not quantity to be produced.

They are easily used.

They are fashioned with quality materials that can serve the test of time. 

The 44-inch deck makes it easier to control and suitable for all body shapes.

It is known for its impressive turning abilities.

It is known to possess a better gripping tendency.


It can be a little confusing for beginners at some point.

If they are in comparison with other boards, they are, in a way, heavier. 

Wrapping up

If you are a professional and you are confused about some things you need to know, I hope this article gives you the ideas you needed to know about longboard carving, freeriding, and all you needed about longboard.

For beginners, you are not left out as this article would walk you through all your hurdles. I hope you enjoy your time out during longboarding.

Final verdict.

From the article you have seen, I hope you have a short idea about what Carving on a longboard is all about and the skills needed for carving in a longboard and the basics involved if you are a beginner who is in love with Carving.

Longboarding is more than just theoretical work but deals majorly on constant practice, which will make you come off your fear as a beginner, and the professionals are not left out. You should know that longboard carving is not just for the stunts or fascinating styles involved but art that lives with you, and it stays with constant practice to draw sharp turns that you will love. Just keep up with your training and be who you want to be with your longboard. 

Enjoy your every ride!


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