How to Start a Moped ? A Simple Guide 2021


Mopeds are environmentally friendly and a fun way to move around at a low cost. A moped is just like a bicycle that is motorized. They consist of an engine but again they also have pedals just like a bicycle.  

But many people find mopeds quite difficult to start. This happens especially when you own a vintage moped. So the question is how to start a moped? The answer is simple. This article is going to give you a simple guide on how to start a Moped to clear all your doubts and issues.

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    How to start a Moped

    The Electric Moped

     1.  Turn on the key

    The first step to start an electric moped is to turn on the key. Insert your key into the ignition and then twist it to the right side until you hear a click noise. This indicates that the ignition of your moped has successfully engaged.

     2.  Turn on the kill switch

    Most mopeds are made to move in an automatic way. Because of this there’s something called a kill switch to switch it off immediately. This switch is usually always present near the handlebars of your Moped. You must on this red switch. 

     3.  Press the break levers

    The brake levers are always there on the handlebars of the Moped. You need to back brake to engage it and activate it using the left lever. But keep in mind that it’s much easy to hold both of until you are ready for the moped to move. 

    Also always remember that the moped automatically moves forward as soon as you start it. so if you’re not ready make sure to engage the back break. 

     4.  The start button

    While you continue to hold the levers, you must now press the start button on the Moped. This switch is usually red in color and is near the right handlebar. As soon as the motor starts, your electric moped is ready to go. 

    The Vintage Moped

     1.  Key in the lock

    If you’re wondering how to start a puch moped, the answer is right here. Keep in mind that starting vintage mopeds as such is quite a task. If you engaged the lock, you must unlock the moped. To do this you must use the key lock that is right under the handlebars.
    You must put the key inside this lock. But this process depends from brand to brand. The I stated here is the most common method.

     2.  Turning the key

    You must turn the key to the right. After you turn it to the right you must now push it in. after you do this, turn the key to the left side and the moped unlocks.

     3.  Turning on the fuel valve

    For example on a brand like the Puch maxi the fuel valve is usually on the right side on the frame of the moped.
    Usually anyone must turn off this switch after they park the moped. You can easily spot the off and on labels on this. What you must don is pull the lever to the side that says ‘on’.

     4.  Flipping the engine switch

    Search for the engine switch near the handlebars. Usually in brands like the puch maxi, this is present on the right side. You must flip this switch to the run position.

     5.  Depressing the choke

    If the engine is cold because of disuse, you must do this. First you must find the carburetor. This usually has a black bar popping out of it. While you press this you must also press the primer button that is on the carburetor.

     6.  The starting lever

    To do this you must first hold the front brake. This is usually on the right side of the handle bar. This helps you to keep your moped under control. Now under the starting lever you must find the left handlebar. While you keep the pedal leveled, pull it.

     7.  Pushing the pedal

    Now as you start to pedal you must continue holding this lever. Now your engine will start. After it starts you moped is ready to go.

    How to fix a moped that won’t start

     Θ  Removing the sparkplug

    You must first find the plug that is on the engine if you want to check spark plug. But before this you must check if the kill switch is off. Now you must attempt to start the moped. When the engine begins to work you can see a spark. 

    Now you must make sure that spark plug is not dirty. If it is you must use a new one. You must buy a new battery if the engine does not start at all.

     Θ  Checking the gas

    For this you must open the fuel tank. If you didn’t use the moped for a long time, there might be water gathered at the bottom. Now there is a drain screw on the carburetor, you must unscrew this. Afterwards, the water will come out. 

     Θ  The choke

    If everything seems to be working fine but still the issue persists, press the choke. You must attempt to start the engine while you’re still pressing it. 

    How to start a moped with a screwdriver

     Θ  Locate the key-switch connector

    To do this you must follow the wires that come from this switch. You will notice that these wires connect to a plastic connector. To access the wires you must open the cap. To open the cap you can just use a screw driver. 

     Θ  Completing the circuit

    For this step the key-switch is very important. For this you must use a piece of wire which helps to complete the circuit. This is used as the key-switch. Connect the wires after you check for the ignition terminals. After you do this the bike is on.

     Θ  Check the lights

    If you did this in the correct way, the lights of the moped will appear. And the bike will start immediately. After the lights switch you will start to hear the noise of the engine of your moped starting. And now your moped is ready for use. 

    But keep in mind, before you begin to use this bike you must first tape the electric wires. If you don’t do this it is very dangerous and can cause injuries.


    Said in short, learning how to start a moped is not a difficult task. All you have to do is follow the correct steps. But keep in mind to take all the safety precautions to avoid any injuries. 

    Also, the method that you must use to start a moped also varies on the type of model you have. If you have an electric moped then the process is quite easy and will not take much of our time. It just consists of a 4 step process that you must follow thoroughly.

    But if you have a vintage moped or simply said a puch moped the process is a bit complicated. This is because these models are not so common. So the process you must do to start a puch moped is quite different to an electric moped. It also is more time consuming than the other. 

    The process to start a vintage moped consists of a 7 step process. If you have a vintage moped, make sure to follow these steps carefully. If you miss even one step you might not be able to start your vintage scooter successfully. 

    If you’re facing issues where your moped won’t start, you can fix this issue by simply using a screwdriver. Overall, fixing a moped or learning how to start a moped is not a difficult task. All you need is the correct equipment and follow the steps, and your moped is ready to go.