How To Roller Skate Backwards? A Complete Guide 2021


Knowing how to rollers skate is one thing but knowing how to roller skate backwards is absolutely amazing. 

Have you ever wandered while roller skating “I wish I knew how to roller skate backwards.”? Well, think no more. The solution to your question is right here. This article will give an in depth guide on how you can roller skate backwards.

It does require some technique and practice but it’s definitely worth the time. The moment you learn how to do this perfectly, you will try it every single day. So if you want to know, then read this article till the end. 

Some topics you will come across when reading this article are as follows. How to roller skate backwards for beginners, how to roller skate backwards on roller skates etc.

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    How to Roller Skate Backwards

    To learn how to roller skate backwards, it takes a large amount of time. And when it comes to roller skating backwards, it requires even more practice. The dream of most skaters is to learn how to roller skate backwards. 

    But to learn to do this you must first be confident in gliding forward using skates. First, you must know all the basics of skating. Thereafter, you can learn how to do it backwards. Below is the step by step process on how to roller skate backwards for beginners. 

      Step 1   

    In this first step, you must wear protective gear. Before you start practicing this you must first make sure that you are 100% safe. This is because there is high chance that you might slip or fall when truing this out. 

    Some protective gear that you must wear is a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads on each of you elbow. This will make sure that you are safe even if you fall down on the ground. 

      Step 2   

    Next you must lace your skates. You can start this from the bottom and then move upwards. Make sure that the lace first goes under the lace holes and then crisscrosses on top of the other. After you are done tightly knot it up so that it won’t loosen when you are skating. 

      Step 3   

    Before you learn how to roller skate backwards, you must first learn how to do it forwards. And you must not just know it but you must be very good at it as well. You must know how to increase the speed without losing control. 

      Step 4   

    Now, you must make a V shape with your feet. Only after you are confident in skating forward can you learn how to do this. So make sure your toes are touching each other and the heels of your feet are apart. 

    If you feel uncomfortable when doing this, you can bend your knees a little bit so that it’s easier.   

      Step 5   

    Now push each of your heels away from each other. The wider the gap you make the faster it is. It also helps you to glide much longer and backwards. Now, when both of your heels come together again, push it away from each other and continue the process. 

      Step 6   

    Keep in mind to check behind you when you’re moving so that you know where you are. But make sure not to lean back wards when you look back. If you do this you will definitely fall for the weight on your back. This is the answer to how to turn backwards on roller skates

      Step 7   

    The more you’re picking up the speed increase the size of the strokes. The wider your ankles are you can generate high momentum. 

    But keep in mind not to increase the width or the speed until you are sure that you’re confident. Also, before you get there, you must do a lot of practice. And also try your best to skate somewhere that you’re satisfied with.

    In case you fall, don’t get discouraged. Everyone must go through this before they come into perfection at skating backwards.  

      Step 8   

    While you learn how to skate backwards, make sure to try skating forward as well. When you move the weight of your body to your left foot, raise your right foot as well. And then swing yourself at 180 degrees. 

    You must make sure your right foot is facing forward and then push off. But keep in mind not to turn around at your waist when you do this as it causes injuries. Instead of the waist the hips and the core must align as U-turn. 

      Step 9   

    As you glide, try your best how to turn to the left side and right side. When you want to move to the left side you must bend your body a bit to the left side. When you want to move towards the right side you must bend your body towards the right side. 

      Step 10   

    The last step that you must learn is how to come to a stop. In this case if you’re a beginner you can use your knee pad to come to a stop. To do this you must slowly lower your knee towards the ground. 

    Or if you don’t want to do this you can use the toe switch on the right show to come to a stop. If you want to use the toe breaks, you must scissor your legs, one backward and the other one forward. After that you must lift your right heel and put pressure on the toe to stop it. 

    How to Spin on Roller Skates

      Step 1       

    The first thing you must do is focus on your posture. Keep your back straight throughout the entire spin. Keep your shoulders back and don’t hunch. Because this will make you fall.

      Step 2   

    Keep your arms at a 90 degree angle and not on your sides. 

      Step 3   

    Keep in mind not to swing your arms fast and hard for momentum. The faster you spin your arms the slower the spin becomes. 

      Step 4   

    Now when you spin try your best to keep your arms stretched out as much as you can. And when you move your arms inwards it increases your speed. 

      Step 5   

    When you’re bringing your arms inwards, do it evenly. Bring them in and make a U shape. 

      Step 6   

    Now try to bring your arms above your head. To do this you must interlace your arms with the other. 

      Step 7   

    Keep your feet wide and parallel to each other. And by bringing in your feet together, generate your power. 

      Step 8   

    Keep your eyes towards the side you’re spinning and don’t look straight ahead. 

      Step 9   

    It is easy for you if you do the spin on slow motion than fast for the first few times. If you try to do it fast for the first time, you will fall and it will cause injuries. 

      Step 10   

    Also, avoid holding your breath when you spin. Also try to record a video of you spinning, then you can re-watch the video and see the errors that you make. But again it is best if you try this out with a coach who can guide you and give feedback. 

    How to roller skate backwards crossovers

    Another question many people ask other than how to roller skate backwards is how to do crossovers. Crossovers are also called Cross-under because your momentum comes when you push forward. 

    If you’re doing counter clockwise laps, the left foot must cross behind your right foot. But keep in mind not to push backwards, but push outward to save energy. You must push out wards making sure its perpendicular to your direction of travel. 

    When you do this you ensure that you push the center of gravity to the left. Now cross your right foot on top of your left foot to catch yourself from falling. Afterwards you must uncross your feet. You must concentrate on pushing outwards using your right foot.

    Now grip the floor using the four wheels of the right skate and push it away from you. To help make this process easier you must deepen the bend on your knees. This makes it easier for you to push your right foot out. But keep your left foot straight towards the direction of travel. 


    » If you want to learn crossovers fast then try each component individually. 

    » Try grapevines either with skates on or without skates on. 

    » Tag on the arm of a friend when you try it for the first time to avoid falling.

    How to Roller Skate Tricks


    This particular trick is one of the most fun methods that you must definitely try. But make sure to do it only if you’re comfortable using the skate wheels. When you do this trick you can spin in any direction you want.

    But you can also, in the middle of the spin switch to any direction that you prefer. To start doing this trick you must first go to the middle of the rink. This helps you to try it without bumping into other skaters. 

    After this you must take your position by bending your knees gently. Also, keep your shoulders apart. Make a right angle using your arms. After that slowly rotate them to one side. Do this while you keep it tucked to your body closely. 

    When you do this the skates will align by pulling the skate backwards and pushing one feet forward. After you gain momentum, lift your body. To create a good spin pull your skates closely together in a power box pose. 

    Keep trying and practicing this trick and you can perfect it and look professional. 

    The Spread Eagle

    This is one of the best tricks if you want to flaunt your skating skills in a natural way.  But to do this you first need to master balancing. This helps to avoid you from falling. 

    This trick is easy to do; you just need to move forward with your knees bent. Then spread your legs, and move your weight to the heels, then balance yourself on the rear heels. Now move forward slowly and you are done. 


    After you try the spread eagle, this trick will give a good adrenaline rush. To do this you must skate backwards, and then do a leg twist and a quick jump. And finally you must land on the opposite foot of yours. Definitely, you will impress many by doing this trick. 


    If you have seen the signature step of Michael Jackson, you definitely know what moonwalk is. The difference is you can do this exact trick on roller skate wheels. After you are confident in skating backwards, you can do the moonwalk quite well. 

    For you to start this trick the first thing you must do is keep one skate on the ground. After you do this you must point the other skate downward. Use the toe stopper to keep the skates in place without losing balance. 

    One foot skating

    As much as how simple this trick sounds, the only thing is trying to maintain the balance using one foot. Firstly, start off by doing short bursts, and then slowly shift to long strides.

     But keep in mind to shift your body weight to the side that you’re gliding in. This helps to keep your balance. But one main thing that you need to do this trick is a large amount of patience. 

    The 4 wheeler 

    This is one main trick that helps you to work your balance when roller skating. To do this trick you can choose between your front wheels or the rear wheels. But the main purpose of this trick is to somehow skate using just 2 wheels. 

    To start doing this trick you must first roll on one of your foots while you keep it flat. But use you’re your other foot to roll behind in just two wheels. 

    Next you must slowly push against the ground using the foot that’s flat. When you do this you must lean back and switch your weight to the rear wheels. Keep in mind to maintain your balance. 

    Throughout the drill, keep one of your feet grounded before the other. By moving your heels from one side to the other you can gain momentum. 

    Backward cross

    Cross overs is a trick that many people try their best to master. This where you must cross one skate over the other one. In the backward cross you must do the same thing but the only difference is you do it backwards. So it’s like doing reverse crossovers. 

    Crazy Legs

    Just like the name, this trick is kind of a crazy thing to do as a beginner. It combines crossovers along with forward and backward motion. This helps you to make a bizarre type of moves as you move forward. 

    To do this trick you must first try a straight cross, thereafter you must do a backward cross. After this you can continue moving sideways. But keep in mind to do the crossovers using the same leg that you started with. 

    How to skate backwards on roller blades

    Rollerblading backwards is a bit difficult. But with time and practice you can surely achieve this trick. 

    But before you start rollerblading the main point that you must keep in mind is don’t be afraid of falling. Keep your body relaxed and not tensed up. Also, make sure not to lock your knees as well. 

    Afterwards, from the standing position that you’re in make sure that your body weight is equally distributed. This must equally distribute to both your legs. Now push your legs outwards to the side, then back again in a figure 8, keep repeating this. 

    When you keep doing this, it slowly pushes you backwards. But keep in mind, this is just one method. Another method that you can try is, starting with your body weight this must be primarily on one of your legs. 

    Use the other leg and slowly push away from your body and repeat this. If you’re doing this right you must get the trace/shape of half of a number 8. However, both of these methods are effective in helping you skate backwards. 

    But don’t get discouraged if you fall or if it takes time. Skating backwards takes a lot of patience and time. So keep practicing and eventually you will be able to skate backwards like a professional.

    Final Verdict

    Said in short, learning how to roller skate backwards is a bit tough. But all you need to do is follow the proper instruction and keep on practicing. This will eventually help you to perfect your balance when skating backwards. 

    You cannot learn how to roller skate backwards overnight, it requires time as well patience. But don’t give up, the more you try you become one more step closer to perfecting it. 

    There are also some cool roller skating tricks that you can try. Most of them are quite easy so try it out and hope this article on how to roller skate backwards gave you the answer you were looking for.