How to Paint a Skateboard Step by Step


If you want to learn how to customize a skateboard, learn how to paint a skateboard first. Painting a skateboard is not a difficult task all you need is the correct technique. The moment you learn how to do this, you will have your very own customize skateboard

All you have to do for this process is purchase skateboard paint. Thereafter, this article will guide you on how to paint a skateboard.

How to Paint a Skateboard

Preparation Before Start

1 The first step in order to start painting skateboard is creating a work area and dressing appropriately. The reason why you must do this is because this whole process creates a lot of saw dust. And also spray pain can easily rub on your clothes and work area. 

So it’s best to prepare by wearing clothes that you don’t mind paint rubbing on. If you want you can also keep a tarp on any surface that you want to protect. 

And also you must make sure that there are plenty of windows in your work area. This is because when you’re in a compact area the fumes from the paint can become toxic to your body. 

2Next you must remove the truck assembly. This includes screws, nails, wheels, bolts, etc. you can easily remove them with the help of a wrench. If you find it difficult to remove the bolts and nuts, try spraying a bit of anti-oxidizing agents. 

3In this step you must use sand paper to remove the original design. Keep the board on the surface in a way that the top of the deck is facing down. The bottom of the board must face upwards. To do this you must have an electric sander that has 40 grit-sandpaper. 

You must use steady yet firm pressure to remove the original design from the board. Afterwards you can use a 150 grit sandpaper to make the surface of your board smooth. This will take you approximately 5 minutes to do. 

But some points that you must keep in mind is to wear protective gear when doing this step. If saw dust gets into your eyes it can cause harm. Also wear a mask to avoid inhaling saw dust. 

In this step you must be very patient. To finish sanding the paper might sometimes take up to 20 minutes. 

4 Now you must remove any saw dust that’s on the board. To do this you can use a brush or even a rag. You must do this carefully and must make sure that the board is completely clear of it.

If there happens to be at least a little bit of saw dust on the board it might create clumps. And at all cost avoid using wire bristle brushes as this can damage the smoothness of your board. 

5In this step you must repair any type of damage on the board. To do this you must use wood filling paste- carpenter grade. You can easily find this at almost any hardware store. 

You must mix this paste and apply it to small crack and chips on the board. Keep in mind to apply a generous amount on each spot. If your filler paste clumps, don’t worry about it. You can fix it by sanding it one more time. 

6 In this step you must use 150 grit sandpaper and smooth out the necessary area you want. When you’re sanding, you must use firm but regular pressure. This will take you about 5 minutes to get a completely smooth board. 

7Now you must tape the top side screws and the sides of your deck. If you don’t do this there will be streaks and drips on the sides and the grip of your board. To make sure that the tape pulls free without any hassle, you can use painters tape.

Preparing the board for painting

1 Firstly, you must apply primer onto the deck of your board. For this process aerosol primer is the best option as it does not have the risk of uneven application. 

If you put too much primer on the brush it will change the consistency, so avoid doing this. And also make sure to follow the instructions of the primer you use. 

2 Next, to smooth out the prime coat you must re-sand the deck of your board. To do this you must use a 150-grit sand paper and then lightly sand the board. Move the sand paper back and forth in a gentle way so that bubbles and clumps will remove. 

3To avoid defects in the paint you must wipe a tack coat on the primer. This a particular thinning agent that helps to clean the board and prepare it for spray paints. But always keep in mind to use a thinner that suits the paint you’re going to use.

Designing process

1You can use stencils to put layers of the paint onto the board.  The unpainted parts will give a design to your board. If you don’t want to use a stencil you can also use tape to create any design you want. There are also other skateboard painting ideas that you can research on. 

2To avoid making any mistakes, you can sketch the design you want beforehand. To do this you must draw the deck of your board on a piece of paper. Then inside the deck sketch your design.

3On your blueprint label the colors of your design. You must apply 3 layers of paint if you want your board to have to have 3 colors. If you want 4 then apply 4 layers etc. Now inside the design you made you must number each one according to the layer. 

4Create stencils if you want. If you’re using tape this is not necessary. But if you want to have a much complicated design you can use stencils.

Painting process

1Firstly you must spray the base color. It is best if you use a color like white or black as it helps the other colors to stand out. You must spray the base color in a way that the board that you sanded is becomes completely covered. 

2Now for the second layer you must use the stencil. The color of the base layer will remain if you cover it with the stencil. And you can put the second layer on top of the spaces of the stencil. 

Over the entire bottom of the board you must spray the second layer of paint. This will make sure that there is an even application. But keep in mind not to apply another layer until this layer is completely dry.

3Now you must remove the stencils very carefully. You can do this when you’re 100% sure that the paint is dried up. Using steady and gentle pressure you must pull the tape from the board. You can easily do this by using the tags that are hanging off the board. 

4The final step is to smooth out the finished design. But keep in mind, before you do this you must leave the paint to dry at least for 24hours. After you do this, get a 220-grit sandpaper and lightly sand the paint job which you just finished. 

When you do this any irregularities in your board will remove and you will have a perfectly smooth board. 

After you finish the sanding process you must wipe away all the sawdust from the board. When you wipe it make sure to use a soft rag and no harsh bristles as it can damage the board. 

Leave the board for 15 minutes. After this you must remove the tapes which you attached at the top/sides of your board. Finally you can attach the wheels of the board and enjoy using your very own customized skateboard.

How to decorate your skateboard with stickers

One of the easiest methods to decorate your skateboard is by using stickers. If you want to do a quick decoration with less material, this is the option you must use. You also have the option of choosing any design you want or even get a personalized one. 

You can easily find these stickers in the market. These particular stickers are made specifically to fit the skateboard deck. The best part about using stickers instead of painting is that it is easy to use. It also helps to save a lot of time. 

To start the process you must first measure the width and the length of your skateboard deck. Thereafter, measure the size of the sticker that you’re planning on using. Then you must slowly paste the sticker onto your skateboard deck and your board is ready for use. 

With time if you feel that your skateboard sticker is wearing away, you can always replace it with a new one. So finally, if you’re looking for a simple method to design your skateboard deck this is the best option.

Can you paint Skateboard griptape?

This is a common question that many people ask. But keep in mind that you can paint skateboard griptape but it will most likely to reduce the grip. Because spray paint is thick, it will fill in the tiny holes of the grip tape. 

But this is not something that you must not overly worry as your grip tape will still work. But it is best if you avoid putting layers and layers of paint over the grip tape. Especially, the nose and tail of your skateboard. 

This is because it is where most of the friction between the deck and shoes occur. So it is best if you just spray something in between the inner bolts to avoid any problem.

How to seal a skateboard deck?

When you’re looking for a sealer to apply on your skateboard deck, you must make sure its fit for outdoors. If you don’t apply a sealer that is suitable for outdoor use, your skateboard will be unusable. 

There are many options that you can choose from. This includes both the brush on and the spray on variety. If you want to know some popular brands, make sure to check the online store of your local store.

If you plan to use a brush on, you can easily find it in any store. It is one of the most effective finishes that you can do on your skateboard. 

But keep in mind that it doesn’t matter what type of sealer you decide to use. Either way you must apply multiple layers to make sure that it is protected. But for the best finish something you can do is sand the board after each and every coat of sealer you apply. 

After you complete applying the sealer onto the board in coats, you must leave till it’s fully dry. Afterwards, your board is ready for use.


Overall, learning how to paint a skateboard is not a difficult task. All you need to do is purchase the necessary equipment that you need. And make sure to wear protective gear so that you won’t inhale any sawdust or harmful fumes. 

You can purchase any color you want and if you prefer you can even use different stencils. If you don’t want to use stencils, you can use tape to create the designs that you want. 

But if you’re looking for a simpler way to design your skateboard you can use stickers. This method is very fast and time saving. 

But something you must keep in mind is, be careful when you paint the griptape. If you overly apply paint, the grip will reduce and with time the grip tape will wear off fast. 

So just follow the instructions when you use paint your skateboard. If you do this you can have your own customized skateboard.