How to Open a Scooter- A Step by Step Guide


Many people have the question on how to open a scooter. The level of difficulty on unfolding a scooter depends from type to type. Usually, adult scooters are hard to unfold in comparison to kids scooters. And some scooters are not foldable at all. 

But, you can make this process much easier by following the proper steps. The following article will give you insight on various areas on how to open a scooter. It was also give a step by step guide on how you can unfold your scooter. 

Some of the sub topics that you will come across while reading the article are as follows. How to open a scooter step by step, how to unfold electric scooter etc.

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How to Unfold a Razor Scooter

To know how to open a razor scooter, you just need to do the reverse of folding it. But make sure to do it with care. If you do it recklessly, there’s a chance that you will damage the scooter. This method is suitable for any scooter. And this includes the folding razor scooter for adults.  

So, the following steps are the correct methods on how to unfold Razor scooter. 

Method 1How to open razor scooter that arrives with uniform unfolding mechanism? 

Step 1

To begin with, hold the T-tube of the scooter straight with one of your hands. But make sure that there’s a distance clearance as this will help to avoid injuries. It will also help to avoid damages to the scooter.

Step 2

While applying gentle pressure, you must push the foot rest of the scooter downwards. You must do this with your other hand.

Step 3

To fix the scooter, you must pull the release lever upwards. After you do this, the scooter tube must eject, making it ready for use. In some models once you successfully unfold the scooter you will hear a click sound. 

But if you don’t, you must not worry. There is a chance that the model you have does not make a click noise when you successfully unfold it. 

Method 2– how to open a scooter that arrives with a different mechanism? 

Step 1

To begin the folding process, you must twist the throttle of the scooter. This makes it ready for the unfolding process. 

Step 2

Depending on the variants of the model, you must either raise or lower the handlebar. You can do this by pushing the razor scooter quick release lever or the push button. 

Step 3

To complete the process, you must use the central button or foot slide. Note that this depends on the model of the scooter. After you do this, the scooter is ready for use. 

If you handle the quick release button or central button carelessly it can cause damage. This is because these buttons are delicate. You must use only the required amount of force to push it.

If you want to know further information on how to open a scooter you can refer the manual. It will help you to have a better understanding. 

If you know how to fold razor scooter, the unfolding process is much easier to do. If you want to know how to open a huffy scooter, it’s very alike to this. But many people find it difficult to locate the silver button. 

The silver disk is located on the right side of the hinge. You must push it hard. Once you get used to doing this, the process is not difficult. 

So, it does not matter if you’re wondering on how to unfold a mongoose scooter or razor scooter. Either way you can apply the above methods.

How to Make Razor Scooter Taller

Step 1– Loosen the Handlebar Clamp Latch

The first thing you must do is loosen the Razor scooter clamp. This is a lock that is placed to keep the handle bar from falling off by tightening it. You can use a wrench or spanner to loosen it and you need to rotate the spanner anti- clockwise. 

Step 2– Raise or Lower the handlebar to the Desired Height. 

Now, you can raise or lower the scooter handlebar to the height that you want. But make sure to be gentle while changing the height. If you lift it recklessly, various components of the scooter will fly off. 

Step 3– Tighten the Clamp

After you lift the handle bar to the desired height, you must tighten the clamp. To do this you must grasp the handlebar and rotate it in the clockwise direction. In this stage you might have to use screwdrivers. 

Place the screws in the rightful holes. Afterwards, using the screwdriver, rotate them to drive them into the holes. Make sure to tighten the screws to avoid them from falling off. 

Step 4– Close the Latch

After you are done tightening, close the latch of the scooter. This process depends from scooter to scooter. In some scooters you will have to use a spanner. In some other scooters you can do this with your hands. 

Make sure what type of latch your scooter has and choose the method appropriately. 

Step 5– Test the Adjustment

Before you use the scooter, make sure to test the adjustment for safety purposes. You can check this by using a moderate amount of impact and force. And check how your scooter reacts to these forces. If you identify that the adjustment is loose, then you must redo it until it is tight.

How to Open a Razor Scooter Seat without a Key

Opening a razor scooter seat without a key is not a difficult task once you have practice. The first step for removal is the hammering up of the foot pegs. Afterwards, you must screw open the side floor cover. Once you do this, you must loosen the floor covering beneath it.

The next step is you must find which wire opens the latch of the seat. After you find the wire you must pull it and the scooter seat will open up. 

Note that it is important that you reassemble your scooter afterwards. This is because; now your scooter seat is more vulnerable to theft.

How do You Fix a Razor Scooter That Won’t Fold?

If you face an issue where a Razor foldable scooter won’t fold, the following are methods you can try. 

Pull the joint release lever all the way open to free the steering column. 

What allows you to fold the scooter in half is the lever. But if it is in a locked position it will keep you from opening the scooter back up. 

If the handlebars prevent the scooter from folding, move the handlebars. 

Pull the handlebars away from the steering columns as much as you can. If the scooter razor requires that you must move them, it can get in the way of the footpad. 

You must press the release buttons on the handlebars hard and move it away from the steering column. 

Wipe stuck levers to remove debris

If you can’t open the quick release lever and steering column clasp in full, you can’t fold the scooter. 

In lukewarm water, dampen a cloth. Afterwards, remove debris from the razors scooters. And retry the levers to see if it works. 

If the scooter razor still does not work, take apart the scooter

Use an Allen wrench to remove the steering column. Turn the screws clockwise to loosen it. Afterwards, remove the screw in the quick release lever. This is between the footpad and the steering column.   

Clean the metal components with an oil based lubricant

Spray some lubricant on the lever to get the scooters razor to work again. Wipe away any grime on the metal with a clean cloth. Once the scooter looks clean you can reassemble it. But if the scooter still does not work, you will have to contact the Razor support line.

Nota that you must use only oil on the metal parts. If you use it on plastic it can cause damage. On these parts you can use clean water.


Said in short, unfolding a Razor scooter or any scooter is not that hard. You need to know the proper steps to do so. And with practice you can do this fast.

 Make sure to apply the correct steps on how to open a scooter. This depends on if the scooter arrives with uniform unfolding or a different mechanism.

There are 3 main steps for each process. Follow them in an accurate manner and you can get your scooter open in no time. 

But some people face the issue where even after following the correct steps the scooter still won’t open. This is either because of rust or debris. The article has mentioned how to clean the debris in a scooter. 

If you follow those steps and still the scooter won’t open, you will need to lubricate the levers. If the issue persists, Razor customer support is always present to assist you.