How to Make Skating Wax- A Step by Step Guide


Knowing how to make skating wax comes in handy when you run out of skating wax. Buying new wax is expensive especially skate wax Walmart. So at that point you can always make wax instead of buying.  So why buy wax when you can make wax at home with simple steps? 

If you want to know the simple steps to make wax keep reading this article till the end. Some topics you will come across in this article are as follows. Best way to make skateboard wax, skate wax alternatives, how to make skate wax and much more.

What is Skateboard Wax for?

Before getting into the topping how to make skating wax, what is skateboard wax and why is it used?

Skateboard wax is made from a paraffin base. The reason why people use skateboard wax is to help reduce friction when you grind or slide down rails. This also includes curbs and other types of hard surfaces.

When friction is created it slows down the speed of your trajectory. This makes it difficult to execute. This is why skate wax is important. The wax fills in the cracks and makes a smooth surface. This will avoid you from stopping short because of friction. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to skating or if you’re a trick skater, you need skate wax either way. But always keep in mind that when you apply wax when riding in smooth surfaces it gets slippery. So before you apply wax, test the surface you’re going to skate on. 

How to Make Skating Wax?

There are many methods on how to make skate wax and different items you can use to make wax. Some of the most common methods are stated below. 

Beeswax Skate Wax

For this method you will need paraffin and beeswax. And a metal pot along with a mold to pour in the wax once it’s done. If you’re using beeswax bars then you must break it into small chunks as it will melt faster. 

Now, take paraffin and beeswax and add them to the pot together. The best ratio is 60:40 paraffin and beeswax. This is because if you add too much beeswax, the mixture will be too soft. 

Put the heat on low medium and let the pot with the wax heat up. Stir it on and off to make sure it doesn’t burn. 

After the wax is melted, remove it from the stove and pour it into the mold. Until the wax becomes solid, you must cool it in the refrigerator. After it becomes solid, the wax is ready for use. 

Crayons Skate wax

If you’re wondering how to make skate wax out of crayons the following is the easiest method. 

For this method you will need some crayons or candles. Break them into small chunks and make sure to remove any paper or wicks. And keep some olive oil or vegetable oil near you. 

Preheat the oven for 5 to 10 minutes. Since wax melts fast, avoid letting your over heat up more than 150-180 degrees. Now, put the crayons or candles into a bowl that is oven safe. Put the bowl in the oven and let the crayons melt for 10 minutes.

Make sure to keep an eye on the wax so that it won’t burn. After the crayons are melted, take it out of the oven and put into a refrigerator so that it will become solid. 

After it turns into solid, take it out of the refrigerator. And now you can use it on the skateboard that you want to smooth. 

Petroleum Jelly and Crayons Skate Wax

Another method on how to make skateboarding wax is with crayons and petroleum jelly. Start off by taking a spoon full of petroleum jelly and putting into a heating container. Turn the heat of the stove to low heat and let the petroleum heat up until it looks like water. 

Now you can take some crayons and candles and cut them up into small pieces. Once the petroleum looks like water, put the pieces of crayons and candles into it. After the mixture turns into full liquid form, take the mold and rub some petroleum jelly inside it. 

Now, switch off the stove and grab the container and pour the mixture into the mold. Put the mold inside the fridge, in ice water or you can let it cool down in room temperature.

 If you decide to put the mold in ice water, make sure to put a lid on it. Keep it in cold water only for 7-10 minutes, if you keep it for longer, the wax will crack. This is the same case if you put it in the freezer; keep it in only for a short time. 

 If you’re keeping it in room temperature, you will have to wait till the mold cools down in full. Once the wax is cool, it is ready for use.

Which is The Best Wax for Skateboarding?

Said in short, you can always make your own wax by melting crayons and candles. But if you’re wondering how to make pro skate wax, the paraffin and beeswax combination is the best skate wax. This is because it is close to store bought wax. 

Also, you can now use this wax when you’re about to practice slides and grinds. But keep in mind to use this wax only on the surfaces that you are planning on skating. So your answer to how to make skating wax with simple steps and low cost is the above two methods. 

How to Make Skate Wax Molds

Get a piece of Styrofoam and draw a shape with a pencil. Cut out square sections of one inch. Make sure it is deep enough so that the design will pop like 3D. 

Cut into the square so that you create something like a missing piece. Do this until it looks like what you want the wax to look like. 

Put some water into a measuring cup and mix it with plaster powder. Put the Styrofoam into the mixture and make sure its touching the bottom. Put weight on it and leave it for 30 minutes until the plaster dries and sets. 

After its set, avoid pulling out the Styrofoam as this will break the mold. The best option is to use paint thinner to eat the Styrofoam. Afterwards your mold will feel rough but spray some water on it and use sandpaper to smooth it. 

To make the mold seep proof use Elmer’s glue and a cotton ball. Soak the cotton ball with glue, grab it with tweezers and apply it on the mold. Let it dry. Once it is dry your mold is ready for use. 

Skate Wax Alternatives

If you know how to make skating wax but you need a faster solution some alternatives are as follows. 


So far the best alternative for skating wax is soap. It works great as a wax. You only have to put two coats to make even the most rough spots slide. Since soap is much cheaper than skating wax it is a good alternative.  

The only drawback of using soap as a wax is that it is not waterproof. If it starts to rain you might have to use more soap than you intended to. 


Candle wax is also a good alternative for skating wax. But when you use candles as wax, make sure it is an unscented candle. 

This is because scented candles have a type of oil in them. This oil is harmful for your skateboard wheels and bearings. And also it is not a great option than the cheap regular candles.  

 Pedro’s ice wax

This is a dry cream like substance and is a type of chain lube that is used for bikes. You don’t have to apply much of it as a small amount will make board slide fast. You can find this easily at any bike shop or hardware store and will cost you very little. 


Some people even use deodorant as an alternative to skating wax. It works well for metal that is rusty and old. But this is only a temporary solution as it does not last for long unlike actual skating wax. 

Best Skateboard Wax

Now, forget about how to make skating wax. Some of the best skateboard wax types that you can buy from a store are stated below.

Spitfire Bighead Swirl Skate Wax

You can use this brand on your favorite ledges and rails. This will help you board to slide right through. If you use this wax, curbs and rails will be the best part of your ride.

Silverback Skate Balm Skate Wax

So far this is the only type of wax you will find that has the scent of bananas. It is also the only type of wax that comes in a UHU glue stick style package. This makes it quite to re-use and store. 

This type is the best solution to take the wax wherever you go to skate. This also takes away the burden of carrying wax chips in your pockets. All you have to do is remove the cap, rub it on and put it back in your pocket. Simple as that!

Baker 24 Karat Curb Skate Wax

This type is one of the best options to help reduce friction that has the ability to damage your board. 

Nyjah Wax

This wax looks a lot like some type of expensive jewelry.  If you’re one of those people who likes classy looking wax, this one is for you. It is made of high quality wax and it last for a long time. 

Santa Cruz Skate Screaming Hand Curb Wax

This type of wax will help you to get the job done with ease. This is the best option for any veteran or beginning skater. You will realize that this wax is of good quality just by touching it and feeling its weight.

You can fit this in your back pocket without any trouble. And the best part is it smells like bubble gum. 


Said in short, if you know how to make skating wax you can save a lot of money. This is because making wax is far cheaper than buying wax. So if you want to save money follow the above steps on how to make skating wax.  

Once you do this, you will realize making wax is not hard at all. You can choose between the three common types and make one of your preferences. 

But the most recommended wax to make at home is the paraffin and beeswax combination. This is because this skate wax type is close to the quality of the ones you buy from stores. But if you want a fast option or an alternative to skating wax, try soap or candles. 

Hope this article gave you the insight you were looking for on how to make skating wax.