How to Jump on a Skateboard | 10 Step Guide


If you’re wondering how to jump on a skateboard the answer to your question is right here. Learning how to do a jump on a skateboard is not a difficult task. All you have to do is follow the proper instructions step by step. 

And this is exactly what this article will provide you. A step by step guide on how to jump on a skateboard. So to learn how to do this, keep reading.

How to jump on a skateboard step by step

 1  Working on the pop

To make the pop happen you must first identify the correct amount of force you must apply to the tail. This is the most difficult part about learning this particular skateboards trick. 

When you push the board you must make sure that you do it so that the front of the board lifts. The harder you press on the board the more higher it will lift. But always make sure to keep it in control when you jump. Try out different forces until you find just the right amount. 

 2  The sweep 

Pulling the board up with you as you jump is also a difficult task. To do this keep the board pointed in the direction you want to move. You will make a few mistakes until you learn to perfect these skateboard tricks. 

To roll your ankle easily you must relax your right foot. Even though you get the urge to tense your muscles, at all cost avoid doing this. 

To execute the weep you must keep the friction between the board and the edge of your shoe. This takes your foot right towards the edge of your board. 

 3  The timing

The next most difficult part is getting the correct timing. Even though when explaining, the steps seems to be a slow process you must do it very fast. 

 4  The landing

Also you must learn how to land back on your board without falling. To do this you must bend your knees and level your board before landing. Avoid bending your shoulders. This causes you to fall. 

 5  Perfecting the Maneuver 

This is much easier if you are familiar with the basics of Ollie. First you must skateboard jump Ollie while the board is moving. Start off by pushing your board to a speed that you’re comfortable with. And try to do the same thing you learnt before.

 6   Bending low

Now you must learn to jump high after the pop. When you keep the center of mass low it helps you to jump high. So the more low you bend and keep the board under control its good. 

 7  Raising arms

Now when you are jumping you must also raise your arms up. This helps to increase the upward momentum. 

 8  Delaying the sweep

If you want to do a very high jump, you must attempt to delay the sweep by a few seconds. 

 9  Pulling the knees up

To do an impressive Ollie you must you must bring both your knees closer towards your chest. Do this as much as you can. And then you must make sure to level the board.

 10  Roll while you land

Now for the final step all you have to do is keep the board moving until you land on it. But you must practice many times to learn how to not fall when you land on the board.

But after you learn this trick very well, it is not hard at all. And there you are now you know how to jump on a skateboard. And this is the answer to your question how to skateboard while moving. 

5 Steps to better Ollies

 Step 1 

Keep the foot that you keep in the front under the two bolts. And you can keep your other foot anywhere on the tail of the board.

 Step 2 

After you manage to place your foot in the correct way, you must push on the tail of the board. But don’t push too hard. Practice doing this a few times and you can get the hang of it. After you become comfortable with this you can start to move the board.

 Step 3 

This step is the main reason why you can do the Ollie. When you start to slide the your front foot will start to slide upwards. This helps you to level the board in the air. 

To help your board level you must do both the slide and the pop at the same time. When you do this eventually levels out the board. Before you move on to the next step, make sure to practice this many times as you can.

 Step 4 

After you master the above steps you can move towards doing the Ollie. For this you must slide and pop at the same time. And when you land you must try your best to keep yourself balanced. To stay balanced, bend a little towards the ground when your board hits the ground.

 Step 5 

A small recap, you must first get the correct foot placement. And get ready to slide and pop at the same time. And when you land bend yourself a bit. Keep in mind to practice this many times so that you can perfect it.


Said in short, until you learn to perfect this trick is somewhat difficult. But if you make sure to follow all the steps thoroughly, you will eventually get better at it. The first guidelines consist of 10 steps. And the second easy ones consist of 5 main steps. 

Both these guides are accurate and is a great way for you to learn how to jump on a skateboard. This skateboard trick is not something that you can learn overnight. It needs good practice as well as a great amount of patience.

Also keep in mind to wear some safety gear when you do this trick. This is because until you perfect the trick you might have to face a few falls and slips. Hope this article answered your question on how to jump on a skateboard.