How to Close a Razor Scooter- Step by Step Guide


Are you wondering how to close a razor scooter? Well, this is a common question people ask. Said in short, a razor scooter is a compact folding scooter. But sometimes, users find the closing/folding process a bit complicated. 

To make this easier, the article will give you insight on how to close a razor scooter with simple steps. After reading, you will realize, closing a razor scooter is not as hard as it seems. 

Some topics that you will come across when reading the article are as follows. How to fold up a razor scooter, how to fold urban scooter, how to open Uhinoos scooter etc. 

So, if you want to know how to close a razor scooter, keep reading.

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Benefits of a Foldable Scooter

A foldable scooter is a huge benefit when it comes to storing it. Bikes and bicycles are difficult to store because of their size. And also they don’t have a folding option. But a foldable scooter does not take up much space and it is a good compromise. 

When it comes to home storage, a scooter is one of the easiest items to store in comparison to bikes. You can also easily carry it around, as foldable scooters are light in weight.

 Finding a parking spot for scooters are not hard at all. You can take it with you anywhere you go or you can lock it up on a bicycle rack.

Do All Razor Scooters Fold?

In the kick scooter and electric scooter industry, Razor is one of the most reliable names. It is well- engineered and user friendly, the Razor scooter ensures a smooth ride.

Almost every Razor scooter is foldable. A Razor foldable scooter is very beneficial. You can transport it without any difficulty and store it as needed. 

But, certain types such as the Razor trick scooter or kick scooter are not foldable. This is because they are made specifically for doing tricks and are heavier than other types. 

If you prefer a model that is easy to fold the Razor S scooter is the best choice. This is because it weighs only 2.7kg and is easy to transport. In comparison with the Razor S scooter the folding razor scooter for adults is difficult to fold. 

 If you have no previous experience in using a Razor scooter, the folding process is a bit difficult.

How to Fold a Scooter?

If you’re wondering how to close a razor scooter, the following is the step by step process you should follow. 

Step 1- Slide – Out the Grips

The first step is to slide off the grips. The place where you keep your hands while riding the scooter is called the grips. It’s used to change the direction as well as maintain the balance of the scooter. Press the release button on the T- tube and the grips will slide out. 

Step 2- Slide Down the Handlebars

One of the most essential parts of the scooter is the T- tube. It helps the user to balance, accommodates the grips, and it holds the components. 

In Razor scooters there is always a quick release lever. This allows you to unclamp the tube. Press the quick release razor scooter clamp and push the handle bar down. The size of the scooter will become small once the handlebar of the scooter is collapsed. 

Step 3 – Complete the Fold

Place the hand at the handle bar after you put the scooter in an upside- down position. Afterwards, with your hand you must press the joint release lever. To avoid issues while carrying the scooter, make sure that you lock the moving parts. 

Now the scooter is ready for carrying and transportation. Note that this method is the same for any scooter including purple razor scooter, boys razor scooter etc. 

So, if you’re wondering how to store razor scooters, folding it and storing it is the best solution.

How to Fold Urban Scooter

To fold an urban scooter, the first step you must do is sliding the grips out. Afterwards, locate the release button, you can find it close to the T- tube. After you find it, press that button.

Then you must slide the T-tube down. Before that, make sure that the T-tube is unclamped with the help of a lever and drag the T-tube down. And you can fold it and are ready to go!

How to Lock Razor Scooter

After you learn how to close a razor scooter, next you must know how to lock a razor scooter. The follow are some steps that you can follow.

Step 1– Find a suitable support for the scooter

A suitable support for the scooter can be anything strong. This includes a strong heavy stone, bicycle rack or a pole. But make sure that it is strongly fixed to the ground. 

Some supports may seem strong but can easily be removed from the ground. So in that case always make sure by giving a tug to it. 

Step 2– Identify the correct locking mechanism

The cables and the support itself might not be of much use. This is why you need to combine it with other locking mechanisms. This includes lock such as heavy duty chains and U- lock. 

Step 3– Lock the frames

Afterwards, lock the various parts in the scooter, starting from the frames. This will avoid the scooter from moving forward or backward. 

Step 4– Secure the seat 

This step is important if your seat is a quick release mechanism. If you want to secure it, you must put a chain or cable through it. 

Step 5– Point the keyhole downwards

Hiding the keyhole from intruders, helps to keep it safe. You can do this by pointing the keyhole towards the ground instead of sideways or up. 

Step 6– Remove lights and bags

The last step is, remove the Razor scooter backpack and lights. But, to do this you need to be good at assembling. If you don’t have the proper skills to do this you might make the problem worse off. 

How to Unfold Electric Scooter and Fold

The folding system of an electric scooter is a bit advanced. So if you don’t have past experience in this you might find it difficult to unfold.

Before folding you must always make sure that the electric scooter is turned off. To begin the folding process, the first thing you must do is, unfold the folding mechanism. Thereafter, you must bend the handle bar stem. This must be done hook the buckle on the rear mudguard.

To unfold it, you must remove it from the buckle. To do this, press the bell trigger. Afterwards, erect the handlebar and lock the folding structure.

Reasons Why Razor Scooter won’t fold

To release the handle for folding, there a two main steps. The first step is to press the thumb lever. The second step is to lift the handle bracket up. 

Two metal pins are used to keep the handle in place (on either side of the handle). These pins slip into the notch of the scooters bottom bracket. You will have to spray WD- 40 or a different type of lubricant if the lever does not push. This is because it has the tendency to rust.

You can lift the handle off the bottom bracket after you have the thumb lever that can be pressed down. There is a chance that this might be stuck as well. In this case you will have to give it a slight tap with a hammer and the handle will release. 

Another method is try turning the joint release latch. This is located behind the front wheel of the scooter. While you turn the latch, fold your scooter. If it does not fold, check if the handlebars of the scooter are blocking the scooter from folding.  

The alignment wheels right below the handlebars must align with the folding mechanism. If the scooter still does not fold, there’s a chance that there is debris stuck on the quick release hatch. In this case, dissemble the scooter and clean the debris.


Said in short, closing a razor scooter is not a difficult task. All you need to do is know the correct method to do so. Follow the instructions and your scooter is ready to go. 

But in some circumstances instructions on how to close a razor scooter will not work. This is because there might debris stuck on the lever. This keeps the scooter from folding. In this case cleaning out the debris is the best solution. 

If the scooter still does not fold, there’s a chance that rust is working against the folding process. Lubricating all the joints and other areas involved in the folding process will help to fix it. 

So, as mentioned before, even though the folding process may seem difficult, it is not. Follow the proper steps on how to close a razor scooter and the process is not hard at all.


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