Define the Right Hoverboard Sizes for You | Complete Guide

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    Hoverboard size: Introduction To Hoverboard

    A hoverboard is an electric skateboard on which one has to maintain the balance in the forward and backward direction. The concept of the Hoverboard is pretty impressive and aesthetic, as it’s science-fiction equipment that involves various theories behind the invention. 

    It’s the type of skateboard that hovers above the ground. The idea of Hoverboard came from the skateboard, but the wheels are placed in the column instead of the row, which differs from a standard skateboard

    It’s a battery-operated device that you can use to travel along your path. The use of Hoverboard is pretty simple, just place your legs on it and move in the direction as you want.

    This whole post is all about the Hoverboard and its experiences. If you’re the who’s kind of interesting to know the concept of Hoverboard, this post might help you a lot. SO grab a cup of coffee and stick to the position to get in-depth details about the Hoverboard.

    Are Hoverboards Safe Or Not?

    Now, this is what people used to ask a lot about hoverboards, let me tell you hoverboards are as safe as the skateboards. You just need to get your hands on by practicing it; once you get used to hoverboards, you might not find difficulty while using it. 

    Learn how to control the device while falling off. It needs the kind of knowledge and practice to be a perfectionist in the hoverboards.

     Despite this, its seen that few of the cases appear in the fact that the hoverboards with non-rechargeable batteries get sometimes overheat, so make sure while having a purchase check the hoverboards and must have the rechargeable batteries just like your smartphones and laptop devices.

    Also, make sure to read the user manual to make it work safely. There are few points you need to know if you’re about handing on to the hoverboards.

    » Avoid continuous use of Hoverboard as it might get overheated.

    » Avoid the use of Hoverboard when it’s raining outdoors.

    » Use it in a clean and wise road surface.

    » Read the user manuals before using it.

    » Use a high-quality charger to charge the hoverboards.

    Now let’s move on to some of the detailed overviews of hoverboards.

    8 Inch Vs. 6.5 Inch Hoverboard sizes

    There are three standard wheel sized hoverboards, i.e., 8 inches, 6.6 inches, and 10 inches. Here we’re going to talk about 8 & 6.5-inch hoverboards.

    » 8 Inch Hoverboard:- 8-inch hoverboards are quite larger in sizes comes with wheels made up of rubber. The tires are equally comfortable for indoor and outdoors. It’s the best in class and mid-range hoverboards, which you should check out once.

    » 6.5 Inch Hoverboard:- usually, the 6.5 inches hoverboards are used for indoor purposes as they’re quite smaller in size. It looks sturdy and minimal, as it requires very little space.

    What Size Hoverboard For 10 Year Old?

    Although sizes might matter for your child, as per the choice you can select from the 8 inches, 6.5 inch and 10-inch hoverboards as if your child is of 10 years old or less then you might go with the 8 inches hoverboard option which is quite smaller in size and speed is maintained.

    It also feels comfortable from the kid’s point of view. Despite this, you can purchase from the other options too if your child is quite taller. Otherwise, an 8-inch hoverboard  is enough.

    What Size Hoverboard For 8 Year Old?

    If your child’s age is eight or below that, then 6.5 inches hoverboards might be perfect for him as it’s the smallest Hoverboard with minimal features that won’t get your kid confused. If you’re in search of the ideal option, just go with the 6.5 inches.

    If your kid is quite taller, then you can choose from the other options available. The sizes depend upon the height and space of the kid.

    8 Inch Hoverboards

    8-inch hoverboards consist of quite larger wheels with rubber coating, and it’s one of the best options if you want to purchase the Hoverboard. It doesn’t matter whether you’re ten years old or more than that it fits all sizes.

    You get a comfortable riding experience with the 8-inch hoverboards due to the larger size. Various color options are available along with the graphics too. But make sure that the area covering is quite more extensive, and you might face difficulty if you use it indoor.

    Despite this, it works finely outdoors as it’s larger.

    Kids Hoverboard

    Usually, a 6.5-inch hoverboard is perfect for the kids if age is less than ten years, apart from this, if the height is quite taller, then an 8-inch hoverboard might be a choice. A hoverboard is a well-programmed kind of skateboard that is safe and easy to use.

    If you’re in search of the perfect Hoverboard for your kind, make sure to have a look upon 6.5 inches hoverboards, which consists of minimal features and maximum capacity.

    Weight distribution is managed correctly, so you don’t have to worry about it.

    10 Inch Hoverboard

    Ten inches hoverboards consists of maximum velocity and strength, as it’s the largest hoverboards for the adults. The build quality is good, and the features are quite higher compared to the other size of hoverboards.

    The speed of the Hoverboard is approximately 13 to 15 Kmph, which is a decent one. As the 10 inches, hoverboards can hold maximum weight on it, which allows it to be better in terms of quality. Make sure not to let kids below ten years old to use it as the speed gets an increase, and it’s not that easy to control it subsequently.

    Best Hoverboard

    There are a vast number of brands available who used to manufacture the hoverboards depending on the sizes and velocity. Larger the format will be, the more speed it’ll have. There are three standard-sized hoverboards, i.e., 6.5 inches, 8 inches, and 10 inches.

    As per the choice, you can select any of the above options, but for kids below the age of ten 6.5 inch hoverboard could be the best option available. Apart from this, if you’re an adult, then you might go with the most extensive option available depending on the height. Make sure to have a trial before getting it purchased, as it’ll give you an idea.

    What Size Hoverboard For 9 Year Old?

    If your kid is nine years old or less, then you should go with the 6.5-inch Hoverboard, which is more than enough as the speed is maintained, and hoverboards fit comfortably in one’s legs.

    Make sure that the larger the size of hoverboards, the speed will be higher, so it’s better to get less size hoverboard for your 9-year-old kid.

    There is a various brand who also provides 6-inch hoverboards too which you can buy is the kid’s height is not as much.

    Maximum Speed

    As per the research, the speed of Hoverboard is maintained; it been seen that it runs with the rate of 6 to 8 miles per hour, which is excellent to maintain the balance while riding it.

    But make sure not to purchase the high-speed hoverboards for your kids below the age of 10, it might be unbalanced sometime. 

    The speed of the Hoverboard depends upon the size of hoverboards. The maximum capacity is 10 inches.

    Wheel Size

    6.5 inch, 8 inches, and 10 inches are the sizes of the wheel; the ground clearance depends upon the wheel size. Larger the wheel size will be the more clearance you’ll get, which a good thing about hoverboards.

    If you want hoverboards for the indoor purpose, you can get your job done with the 6.5-inch wheel size; despite this, if you’re going to travel outdoor, you might have to obtain a 10-inch inch wheel sized Hoverboard, which is the highest. 

    Weight Range

    The weight range depends upon the size of the Hoverboard you purchase. The distribution of an object’s weight is finely distributed across the wheel, so make sure to buy likewise. 

    The 10-inch hoverboards allow you the weight up to 265lbs, which is excellent. If you’re more than that, then the effect will come upon the speed as it’ll get lowers. 

    For kids, small-sized hoverboards are the best option which can carry 45 pounds, so have a look upon it as its quite lighter in weight too.

    Hoverboard Wheel

    Although you’ve to buy the complete Hoverboard, the wheels are interchangeable as per the choice. Most of the people like to use bikes with glitters or graphics which can be changed subsequently.

    As per the brand, make sure to read the user manual properly before changing the wheels of the Hoverboard. Also, if you use the wheels with rubber covering, it’ll be more beneficial for you as they work finely.

    Apart from this, the wheel size must be more significant to get more ground clearance, which is required while traveling outdoor. Various brands are available who used to provide the customized wheels.

    Balancing Scooters

    A hoverboard is also called the balancing board, which you can use to minimize your efforts in walking. Balancing scooters are also used for the fun purpose, which works more efficiently if you want to spread happiness in your kid’s life.

    The sizes are pretty impressing as it comes along with three sizes depending upon the usage. The larger you use the scooter, the speed you get is higher. So make sure to use the bigger sizes balancing scooters to maintain the ground clearance. However, the wheels are interchangeable as per choice.

    Small Wheel

    wheel hoverboard6.5 is the smallest Hoverboard available in the market which you can buy. There are a vast number of brands available of the hoverboards, but when it comes to smaller ones, the 6.5 inches hoverboard comes with the most miniature size wheel.

    Suppose you want to get your job done, make sure to use the small-sized hoverboards. Apart from this, the wheels are interchangeable, so if you want your kid to use it, 6.5 inches wheel size is enough and decent.

    10 Inch Wheels

    It is the largest Hoverboard of all time, which you can use for indoor purposes. 10-inch sized hoverboards have some advanced features like upgraded weight carrying capacity, and speed is much higher.

    While using the 10-inch wheel hoverboards, you’ll notice that the ground clearance is also much more compared to the small size hoverboards. Despite this make sure don’t allow your kids to use it as its difficult to maintain the balance,

    The 10 inches wheels are interchangeable as per the choice as to if you want to add some graphics wheel, you can change it subsequently.

    8.5 Inch Hoverboard

    8.5-inch hoverboards are pretty impressive as the quality of wheels is pretty decent as its made up of rubber, which makes it more flexible as you can use it for the outdoor purpose. Despite this, the 8.5 inch is pretty decent in terms of weight carrying and ground clearance.

    If you’re an adult or a teen, then this Hoverboard can get your job done as its quite moderate in terms of size and shape. But before buying it, make sure to get an instant trial so that you’ll get to know whether it works fine or not.

    Ground Clearance

    Ground clearance of the Hoverboard depends upon the size of the Hoverboard, more the size of Hoverboard, the ground clearance will be more. For outdoor I would recommend you to go with the 10-inch Hoverboard which works finely.

    For indoor purposes, you need to use 6.5 inches or 8 inches Hoverboard, which works fine, and kids can also take advantage of it. But before that, let me tell you to try out several sizes of hoverboards because lots of brands won’t provide you much clearance, which does not make any sense.

    6.5-inch Hoverboard

    The 6.5-inch Hoverboard is a kind of Hoverboard which is more convenient for the kids of age below 10. Although it’s not that tougher to build quality, it’s useful for the kids out there who’re looking for the best Hoverboard for fun.

    The concept of the Hoverboard is pretty exceptional, which minimizes your work done by allowing you to balance yourself on the surface of the Hoverboard.

    Make sure to try on various hoverboards out there to choose the one which is convenient for you, and you’ll see that a 6.5-inch hoverboard has minimal capacity to carry much weight, so make the choices entirely before buying.

    Inch Wheel

    The wheel of the Hoverboard depends upon the size you buy; you can select the hoverboards which suit your need. The most convenient way to choose the Hoverboard is to look upon the age, and an adult can han6ds off to the 10-inch hoverboards available out there.

    If you want to buy the hoverboards for the kids below the age of 10, then I would suggest you go with the 6.5 inches hoverboards, which are enough to use the indoor. Also, you can interchange the wheel of the Hoverboard, which is an excellent advantage of using a shorter size hoverboard that covers less space.

    Minimum Weight

    44lbs is the minimum weight to take over the hoverboards, as its wholly based upon the downward face which your body applies upon it. The 6.5-inch Hoverboard must have at least 44lbs weight upon it.

    To make sure, let me tell as per the size every Hoverboard is designed in such a way that each one them has the different weight distribution, which you need to know if you’re about to buy the Hoverboard for your kid.

    Despite this, the weight is automatically distributed in a proper manner on both the wheels.

    Hoverboard Models

    Based on the sizes, the Hoverboard has three different models. The most smaller Hoverboard comes with a capacity of 6.5 inches. The mid-range Hoverboard comes with a size of almost 8 inches, and for adults, the most advanced Hoverboard comes with a capacity of 10 inches.

    Even though all various brands are available who used to sell the hoverboards, all of them are pretty fine, but few of the cheaper ones can work not excellent, so make sure to invest much to get high-quality hoverboards for your kids out there. 

    If you’re looking for a perfect hoverboard, then an 8-inch option could be the best one for you, which has decent battery life.

    Final Verdict

    The Hoverboard is one of the advanced inventions which has taken place in this decade. There were several scientific theories behind the hoverboard invention, which makes it unique in terms of every aspect.

    Skateboard usually done takes any effort to get it to work as it does not consist of any kind of batteries or cells. But the Hoverboard consists of the batteries to get it run, although you need to balance it properly while riding, once you get used to it, you’ll find it more comfortable while riding. I hope the post has helped you to decide the best Hoverboard for your kid; There are various brands available out there out of them you can select the best as per choice.