How to Jump on a Skateboard | 10 Step Guide


If you’re wondering how to jump on a skateboard the answer to your question is right here. Learning how to do a jump on a skateboard is not a difficult task. All you have to do is follow the proper instructions step by step. 

And this is exactly what this article will provide you. A step by step guide on how to jump on a skateboard. So to learn how to do this, keep reading.

How to jump on a skateboard step by step

 1  Working on the pop

To make the pop happen you must first identify the correct amount of force you must apply to the tail. This is the most difficult part about learning this particular skateboards trick. 

When you push the board you must make sure that you do it so that the front of the board lifts. The harder you press on the board the more higher it will lift. But always make sure to keep it in control when you jump. Try out different forces until you find just the right amount. 

 2  The sweep 

Pulling the board up with you as you jump is also a difficult task. To do this keep the board pointed in the direction you want to move. You will make a few mistakes until you learn to perfect these skateboard tricks. 

To roll your ankle easily you must relax your right foot. Even though you get the urge to tense your muscles, at all cost avoid doing this. 

To execute the weep you must keep the friction between the board and the edge of your shoe. This takes your foot right towards the edge of your board. 

 3  The timing

The next most difficult part is getting the correct timing. Even though when explaining, the steps seems to be a slow process you must do it very fast. 

 4  The landing

Also you must learn how to land back on your board without falling. To do this you must bend your knees and level your board before landing. Avoid bending your shoulders. This causes you to fall. 

 5  Perfecting the Maneuver 

This is much easier if you are familiar with the basics of Ollie. First you must skateboard jump Ollie while the board is moving. Start off by pushing your board to a speed that you’re comfortable with. And try to do the same thing you learnt before.

 6   Bending low

Now you must learn to jump high after the pop. When you keep the center of mass low it helps you to jump high. So the more low you bend and keep the board under control its good. 

 7  Raising arms

Now when you are jumping you must also raise your arms up. This helps to increase the upward momentum. 

 8  Delaying the sweep

If you want to do a very high jump, you must attempt to delay the sweep by a few seconds. 

 9  Pulling the knees up

To do an impressive Ollie you must you must bring both your knees closer towards your chest. Do this as much as you can. And then you must make sure to level the board.

 10  Roll while you land

Now for the final step all you have to do is keep the board moving until you land on it. But you must practice many times to learn how to not fall when you land on the board.

But after you learn this trick very well, it is not hard at all. And there you are now you know how to jump on a skateboard. And this is the answer to your question how to skateboard while moving. 

5 Steps to better Ollies

 Step 1 

Keep the foot that you keep in the front under the two bolts. And you can keep your other foot anywhere on the tail of the board.

 Step 2 

After you manage to place your foot in the correct way, you must push on the tail of the board. But don’t push too hard. Practice doing this a few times and you can get the hang of it. After you become comfortable with this you can start to move the board.

 Step 3 

This step is the main reason why you can do the Ollie. When you start to slide the your front foot will start to slide upwards. This helps you to level the board in the air. 

To help your board level you must do both the slide and the pop at the same time. When you do this eventually levels out the board. Before you move on to the next step, make sure to practice this many times as you can.

 Step 4 

After you master the above steps you can move towards doing the Ollie. For this you must slide and pop at the same time. And when you land you must try your best to keep yourself balanced. To stay balanced, bend a little towards the ground when your board hits the ground.

 Step 5 

A small recap, you must first get the correct foot placement. And get ready to slide and pop at the same time. And when you land bend yourself a bit. Keep in mind to practice this many times so that you can perfect it.


Said in short, until you learn to perfect this trick is somewhat difficult. But if you make sure to follow all the steps thoroughly, you will eventually get better at it. The first guidelines consist of 10 steps. And the second easy ones consist of 5 main steps. 

Both these guides are accurate and is a great way for you to learn how to jump on a skateboard. This skateboard trick is not something that you can learn overnight. It needs good practice as well as a great amount of patience.

Also keep in mind to wear some safety gear when you do this trick. This is because until you perfect the trick you might have to face a few falls and slips. Hope this article answered your question on how to jump on a skateboard.

How to Paint a Skateboard Step by Step


If you want to learn how to customize a skateboard, learn how to paint a skateboard first. Painting a skateboard is not a difficult task all you need is the correct technique. The moment you learn how to do this, you will have your very own customize skateboard

All you have to do for this process is purchase skateboard paint. Thereafter, this article will guide you on how to paint a skateboard.

How to Paint a Skateboard

Preparation Before Start

1 The first step in order to start painting skateboard is creating a work area and dressing appropriately. The reason why you must do this is because this whole process creates a lot of saw dust. And also spray pain can easily rub on your clothes and work area. 

So it’s best to prepare by wearing clothes that you don’t mind paint rubbing on. If you want you can also keep a tarp on any surface that you want to protect. 

And also you must make sure that there are plenty of windows in your work area. This is because when you’re in a compact area the fumes from the paint can become toxic to your body. 

2Next you must remove the truck assembly. This includes screws, nails, wheels, bolts, etc. you can easily remove them with the help of a wrench. If you find it difficult to remove the bolts and nuts, try spraying a bit of anti-oxidizing agents. 

3In this step you must use sand paper to remove the original design. Keep the board on the surface in a way that the top of the deck is facing down. The bottom of the board must face upwards. To do this you must have an electric sander that has 40 grit-sandpaper. 

You must use steady yet firm pressure to remove the original design from the board. Afterwards you can use a 150 grit sandpaper to make the surface of your board smooth. This will take you approximately 5 minutes to do. 

But some points that you must keep in mind is to wear protective gear when doing this step. If saw dust gets into your eyes it can cause harm. Also wear a mask to avoid inhaling saw dust. 

In this step you must be very patient. To finish sanding the paper might sometimes take up to 20 minutes. 

4 Now you must remove any saw dust that’s on the board. To do this you can use a brush or even a rag. You must do this carefully and must make sure that the board is completely clear of it.

If there happens to be at least a little bit of saw dust on the board it might create clumps. And at all cost avoid using wire bristle brushes as this can damage the smoothness of your board. 

5In this step you must repair any type of damage on the board. To do this you must use wood filling paste- carpenter grade. You can easily find this at almost any hardware store. 

You must mix this paste and apply it to small crack and chips on the board. Keep in mind to apply a generous amount on each spot. If your filler paste clumps, don’t worry about it. You can fix it by sanding it one more time. 

6 In this step you must use 150 grit sandpaper and smooth out the necessary area you want. When you’re sanding, you must use firm but regular pressure. This will take you about 5 minutes to get a completely smooth board. 

7Now you must tape the top side screws and the sides of your deck. If you don’t do this there will be streaks and drips on the sides and the grip of your board. To make sure that the tape pulls free without any hassle, you can use painters tape.

Preparing the board for painting

1 Firstly, you must apply primer onto the deck of your board. For this process aerosol primer is the best option as it does not have the risk of uneven application. 

If you put too much primer on the brush it will change the consistency, so avoid doing this. And also make sure to follow the instructions of the primer you use. 

2 Next, to smooth out the prime coat you must re-sand the deck of your board. To do this you must use a 150-grit sand paper and then lightly sand the board. Move the sand paper back and forth in a gentle way so that bubbles and clumps will remove. 

3To avoid defects in the paint you must wipe a tack coat on the primer. This a particular thinning agent that helps to clean the board and prepare it for spray paints. But always keep in mind to use a thinner that suits the paint you’re going to use.

Designing process

1You can use stencils to put layers of the paint onto the board.  The unpainted parts will give a design to your board. If you don’t want to use a stencil you can also use tape to create any design you want. There are also other skateboard painting ideas that you can research on. 

2To avoid making any mistakes, you can sketch the design you want beforehand. To do this you must draw the deck of your board on a piece of paper. Then inside the deck sketch your design.

3On your blueprint label the colors of your design. You must apply 3 layers of paint if you want your board to have to have 3 colors. If you want 4 then apply 4 layers etc. Now inside the design you made you must number each one according to the layer. 

4Create stencils if you want. If you’re using tape this is not necessary. But if you want to have a much complicated design you can use stencils.

Painting process

1Firstly you must spray the base color. It is best if you use a color like white or black as it helps the other colors to stand out. You must spray the base color in a way that the board that you sanded is becomes completely covered. 

2Now for the second layer you must use the stencil. The color of the base layer will remain if you cover it with the stencil. And you can put the second layer on top of the spaces of the stencil. 

Over the entire bottom of the board you must spray the second layer of paint. This will make sure that there is an even application. But keep in mind not to apply another layer until this layer is completely dry.

3Now you must remove the stencils very carefully. You can do this when you’re 100% sure that the paint is dried up. Using steady and gentle pressure you must pull the tape from the board. You can easily do this by using the tags that are hanging off the board. 

4The final step is to smooth out the finished design. But keep in mind, before you do this you must leave the paint to dry at least for 24hours. After you do this, get a 220-grit sandpaper and lightly sand the paint job which you just finished. 

When you do this any irregularities in your board will remove and you will have a perfectly smooth board. 

After you finish the sanding process you must wipe away all the sawdust from the board. When you wipe it make sure to use a soft rag and no harsh bristles as it can damage the board. 

Leave the board for 15 minutes. After this you must remove the tapes which you attached at the top/sides of your board. Finally you can attach the wheels of the board and enjoy using your very own customized skateboard.

How to decorate your skateboard with stickers

One of the easiest methods to decorate your skateboard is by using stickers. If you want to do a quick decoration with less material, this is the option you must use. You also have the option of choosing any design you want or even get a personalized one. 

You can easily find these stickers in the market. These particular stickers are made specifically to fit the skateboard deck. The best part about using stickers instead of painting is that it is easy to use. It also helps to save a lot of time. 

To start the process you must first measure the width and the length of your skateboard deck. Thereafter, measure the size of the sticker that you’re planning on using. Then you must slowly paste the sticker onto your skateboard deck and your board is ready for use. 

With time if you feel that your skateboard sticker is wearing away, you can always replace it with a new one. So finally, if you’re looking for a simple method to design your skateboard deck this is the best option.

Can you paint Skateboard griptape?

This is a common question that many people ask. But keep in mind that you can paint skateboard griptape but it will most likely to reduce the grip. Because spray paint is thick, it will fill in the tiny holes of the grip tape. 

But this is not something that you must not overly worry as your grip tape will still work. But it is best if you avoid putting layers and layers of paint over the grip tape. Especially, the nose and tail of your skateboard. 

This is because it is where most of the friction between the deck and shoes occur. So it is best if you just spray something in between the inner bolts to avoid any problem.

How to seal a skateboard deck?

When you’re looking for a sealer to apply on your skateboard deck, you must make sure its fit for outdoors. If you don’t apply a sealer that is suitable for outdoor use, your skateboard will be unusable. 

There are many options that you can choose from. This includes both the brush on and the spray on variety. If you want to know some popular brands, make sure to check the online store of your local store.

If you plan to use a brush on, you can easily find it in any store. It is one of the most effective finishes that you can do on your skateboard. 

But keep in mind that it doesn’t matter what type of sealer you decide to use. Either way you must apply multiple layers to make sure that it is protected. But for the best finish something you can do is sand the board after each and every coat of sealer you apply. 

After you complete applying the sealer onto the board in coats, you must leave till it’s fully dry. Afterwards, your board is ready for use.


Overall, learning how to paint a skateboard is not a difficult task. All you need to do is purchase the necessary equipment that you need. And make sure to wear protective gear so that you won’t inhale any sawdust or harmful fumes. 

You can purchase any color you want and if you prefer you can even use different stencils. If you don’t want to use stencils, you can use tape to create the designs that you want. 

But if you’re looking for a simpler way to design your skateboard you can use stickers. This method is very fast and time saving. 

But something you must keep in mind is, be careful when you paint the griptape. If you overly apply paint, the grip will reduce and with time the grip tape will wear off fast. 

So just follow the instructions when you use paint your skateboard. If you do this you can have your own customized skateboard.

How to Start a Moped ? A Simple Guide 2021


Mopeds are environmentally friendly and a fun way to move around at a low cost. A moped is just like a bicycle that is motorized. They consist of an engine but again they also have pedals just like a bicycle.  

But many people find mopeds quite difficult to start. This happens especially when you own a vintage moped. So the question is how to start a moped? The answer is simple. This article is going to give you a simple guide on how to start a Moped to clear all your doubts and issues.

Table of Contents
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    How to start a Moped

    The Electric Moped

     1.  Turn on the key

    The first step to start an electric moped is to turn on the key. Insert your key into the ignition and then twist it to the right side until you hear a click noise. This indicates that the ignition of your moped has successfully engaged.

     2.  Turn on the kill switch

    Most mopeds are made to move in an automatic way. Because of this there’s something called a kill switch to switch it off immediately. This switch is usually always present near the handlebars of your Moped. You must on this red switch. 

     3.  Press the break levers

    The brake levers are always there on the handlebars of the Moped. You need to back brake to engage it and activate it using the left lever. But keep in mind that it’s much easy to hold both of until you are ready for the moped to move. 

    Also always remember that the moped automatically moves forward as soon as you start it. so if you’re not ready make sure to engage the back break. 

     4.  The start button

    While you continue to hold the levers, you must now press the start button on the Moped. This switch is usually red in color and is near the right handlebar. As soon as the motor starts, your electric moped is ready to go. 

    The Vintage Moped

     1.  Key in the lock

    If you’re wondering how to start a puch moped, the answer is right here. Keep in mind that starting vintage mopeds as such is quite a task. If you engaged the lock, you must unlock the moped. To do this you must use the key lock that is right under the handlebars.
    You must put the key inside this lock. But this process depends from brand to brand. The I stated here is the most common method.

     2.  Turning the key

    You must turn the key to the right. After you turn it to the right you must now push it in. after you do this, turn the key to the left side and the moped unlocks.

     3.  Turning on the fuel valve

    For example on a brand like the Puch maxi the fuel valve is usually on the right side on the frame of the moped.
    Usually anyone must turn off this switch after they park the moped. You can easily spot the off and on labels on this. What you must don is pull the lever to the side that says ‘on’.

     4.  Flipping the engine switch

    Search for the engine switch near the handlebars. Usually in brands like the puch maxi, this is present on the right side. You must flip this switch to the run position.

     5.  Depressing the choke

    If the engine is cold because of disuse, you must do this. First you must find the carburetor. This usually has a black bar popping out of it. While you press this you must also press the primer button that is on the carburetor.

     6.  The starting lever

    To do this you must first hold the front brake. This is usually on the right side of the handle bar. This helps you to keep your moped under control. Now under the starting lever you must find the left handlebar. While you keep the pedal leveled, pull it.

     7.  Pushing the pedal

    Now as you start to pedal you must continue holding this lever. Now your engine will start. After it starts you moped is ready to go.

    How to fix a moped that won’t start

     Θ  Removing the sparkplug

    You must first find the plug that is on the engine if you want to check spark plug. But before this you must check if the kill switch is off. Now you must attempt to start the moped. When the engine begins to work you can see a spark. 

    Now you must make sure that spark plug is not dirty. If it is you must use a new one. You must buy a new battery if the engine does not start at all.

     Θ  Checking the gas

    For this you must open the fuel tank. If you didn’t use the moped for a long time, there might be water gathered at the bottom. Now there is a drain screw on the carburetor, you must unscrew this. Afterwards, the water will come out. 

     Θ  The choke

    If everything seems to be working fine but still the issue persists, press the choke. You must attempt to start the engine while you’re still pressing it. 

    How to start a moped with a screwdriver

     Θ  Locate the key-switch connector

    To do this you must follow the wires that come from this switch. You will notice that these wires connect to a plastic connector. To access the wires you must open the cap. To open the cap you can just use a screw driver. 

     Θ  Completing the circuit

    For this step the key-switch is very important. For this you must use a piece of wire which helps to complete the circuit. This is used as the key-switch. Connect the wires after you check for the ignition terminals. After you do this the bike is on.

     Θ  Check the lights

    If you did this in the correct way, the lights of the moped will appear. And the bike will start immediately. After the lights switch you will start to hear the noise of the engine of your moped starting. And now your moped is ready for use. 

    But keep in mind, before you begin to use this bike you must first tape the electric wires. If you don’t do this it is very dangerous and can cause injuries.


    Said in short, learning how to start a moped is not a difficult task. All you have to do is follow the correct steps. But keep in mind to take all the safety precautions to avoid any injuries. 

    Also, the method that you must use to start a moped also varies on the type of model you have. If you have an electric moped then the process is quite easy and will not take much of our time. It just consists of a 4 step process that you must follow thoroughly.

    But if you have a vintage moped or simply said a puch moped the process is a bit complicated. This is because these models are not so common. So the process you must do to start a puch moped is quite different to an electric moped. It also is more time consuming than the other. 

    The process to start a vintage moped consists of a 7 step process. If you have a vintage moped, make sure to follow these steps carefully. If you miss even one step you might not be able to start your vintage scooter successfully. 

    If you’re facing issues where your moped won’t start, you can fix this issue by simply using a screwdriver. Overall, fixing a moped or learning how to start a moped is not a difficult task. All you need is the correct equipment and follow the steps, and your moped is ready to go.

    How to use a Knee Scooters | A Complete Guide 2021


    Knee scooters are also known as platform walkers or knee walkers. They’re an alternative to crutches and walkers. In this you can move much faster and it also reduces the pain in comparison to others. But a common question many people ask is how to use a knee scooters.

    In this article you can find the answers you’re looking for on how to use knee scooters. Knowing how to use knee scooters makes your journey a much easy one. 

    What is a knee scooter?

    This particular device has wheels and is a non-motorized device. Many people call it the knee walker and it provides you with a resting platform for injured knee. It also consists of handlebars to help support you. 

    This device helps anyone with an injured leg to move without putting weight on the leg. You can easily propel and move yourself forward when using this device. And the driver or rather the injured person can move wherever they want without further damaging their leg.

    Why does a person use a knee scooter?

    The main reason that any person uses a knee scooter is to help move themselves if they have a permanently or temporarily damaged leg. And since it becomes hard to walk using a damaged or injured leg/knee or ankle people use a knee scooter. 

    Another main reason is that it reduces the amount of pain a person feels when walking with a damaged leg. When a person uses crutches it only puts your body weight to your arms. But still many people find this uncomfortable. 

    But when you use a knee scooter, you only use your leg muscles to help move. But the rest for your leg gets to rest on the platform. Furthermore, this device is hands free equipment. With device you can simply go on about your daily routine without putting pressure on your leg.

    How to use a knee scooter- Suitability

    However, even though the knee scooter is a great piece of equipment, it is suitable only for a selected amount of people. 

    People with hip or knee surgeries

    This device is specifically made for anyone with ankle or lower foot injuries. But if you have a knee or a hip issue and prefer to use a knee scooter it is best you contact a doctor before. 

    Both ankles and feet are injured

    If both your ankles and feet are injured this device is not suitable for you. In order to use this you need to have one good foot to help move the knee scooter. 

    Balance and coordination issues

    If you suffer from balance and coordination issues, it is best to not use this equipment for your safety. Because to use this device you must steer and balance the scooter.

    Things to consider when buying a knee scooter

    If you have a leg injury and you want to purchase a knee scooter you need to first consider where you travel to most often. Is the pathway gravelly or unpaved? Does it have grass or dirt? Is there snow, ice or rain. These are some questions you must ask yourself before purchasing.

    Standard scooter

    This type is perfect for anyone that’s looking for a knee scooter to move around the house or indoors. Because this particular scooter is small in size it helps you to move around the house quite fast and smoothly. It also helps to avoid a lot of hassle. 

    You can even fit this scooter in small spaces such as tiny bathrooms and hallways. This knee scooter is overall ideal for anyone that lives in a small home and does not go out much. 

    All terrain scooter

    This particular type of knee scooter is best for anyone that likes to spend time outside a lot. This is because this scooter is made in a way to fit the outside environments such as dirt and grass. You can even use this scooter on icy surfaces. 

    The main reason why this scooter is suitable and made for outside environments is because it has large wheels. The large wheels help to move through any surface without any hassle.

    Pediatric scooter

    This type is designed for anyone that is under the height 5’5”. Adults as well as children can use this knee scooter. The feature in this type is quite similar to the features in the standard scooter. But specifically has the feature to fit smaller people. 

    But overall, before you decide on the type of knee scooter that you want to use, it is best you contact your physician.  They will help to decide which scooter best fits you and why.

    They will also help you to decide on the size that fits you and the type of model. So don’t make a decision without considering the advice of you primary care physician.

    How to use a Knee Scooters

    Step 1

    The first step that you must do is check if the hand brakes are still locked. This helps to ensure your safety and keeps the scooter stationary. 

    Step 2

    Now you must keep both your hands on the handlebars and raise the leg that is injured onto the platform. After you keep it safely on the platform you must keep the leg that is not injured on the ground. 

    Step 3

    Now check if you’re stable and well balanced. Now slowly start to unlock the brakes of the knee scooter. Use the leg that you kept on the ground to push the scooter and yourself either forward or backward. 

    Step 4

    If you want to stop the scooter all you want must do is, use your uninjured leg to apply weight onto the ground. Now gently use it to stop it from moving. But always keep in mind not to use the handbrakes if you want to stop the knee scooters. This is very dangerous.  

    Step 5

    After you manage to stop the scooter from moving all you have to do is lock the handbrakes. This helps to keep the scooter in place. Now when you’re getting off the scooter you can keep your hands on the handlebars to support yourself. 

    How to use a knee scooters- things to keep in mind and safety tips

    Something that many people are concerned about is the fact that there is a possibility of falling on the knee scooter. This is quite dangerous especially for the elderly. The following tips are some precautions you can take to help avoid such dangerous situations. 

    Tip 1

    You must first make sure that the height is adjusted in the correct position before you use the equipment.

    Tip 2

    Also before you use it make sure to check if the bolts, pins and nuts are secured and fastened. 

    Tip 3

    When you use a knee scooter you must at all costs avoid using staircases. The same goes for steps and all types of escalators. 

    Tip 4

    While you’re using the knee scooter, avoid trying to reach down or bending towards the ground. If you do this there’s a high chance that you might fall. 

    Tip 5

    While maintaining the balance on the center make sure that all the wheels of the knee scooter are on the ground.

    Tip 6

    Avoid using the hand brakes to stop the scooter. If you want to stop the scooter, the safe way to do it is by using your uninjured foot. After you stop it, you must keep set the handbrakes so that it will not move.

    Tip 7

    When the scooter is moving do not remove your hands off the hand brakes at any cost. But if you want to carry anything with you, you can buy a basket for your scooter. 

    Tip 8

    Also, you must avoid carrying a baby while using the scooter. And wear non-slip shoes for extra safety. 

    Tip 9

    You must also be very careful when you transfer from one type of surface to another. This includes when transferring from pavement to carpet, sand to grass etc.

    Tip 10

    You must also avoid trying to pull yourself up while you are on the scooter. If you do this you might fall and injure yourself. Also, avoid sharp turns and high speeds

    How to use a knee scooter on stairs

    One thing you must know other than how to use a knee scooters is how to use one on stairs. The simple answer to how to use knee scooters on stairs is Don’t. This is very dangerous and can highly injure you. 

    You must also avoid trying to lift your knee scooter up the stairs as this injures you even more. But don’t be disheartened, there are other simple solutions for this matter. 

    Solution 1

    The simplest answer to this is living with someone who is able. That person can lift the knee walker up and down for you. But if there are lots of stairs and you live alone, the solution to this might further down. 

    Solution 2

    If you live alone, the best solution is to have two knee scooters. You can have one upstairs and the other one down stairs. Or you can also use an iwalk to get up and down the stairs. However, keep in mind that this takes some time to on and off. 

    Solution 3

    If you have crutches with you, you can use this to slowly get up the stairs. Try this only if you have railings to hold on to. If not this is quite dangerous and can cause injuries if you fall. 

    Solution 4

    If your home consist only a small amount of steps you might want to consider installing ramps. These are also called wheel chair ramps and mobility ramps. But keep in mind your fitness level and confidence to move up and down the ramp. 

    Solution 5

    If you ankle or leg issue is only temporary you might want to set up a living area on the ground floor for the time being. To make things much easier and safer, try your best to live with a friend or family until you completely recover.

    How to make a knee scooter more comfortable

    Besides knowing how to use knee scooters you must also know how to make it comfortable to fit you. Many people complain saying knee scooter is killing my knee or knee walker hurts my knee. The answer to your discomfort is below. 

    Choose a suitable model

    You can use almost every knee walker inside your home. But when it comes to outdoors this is not the case. The main reason for your discomfort is the size of the wheels of this equipment.  Standard knee scooters are only made for indoor use as you will use it only on smooth surfaces.

    Because of this, these types of models consist of hard tires. So when you go through rough surfaces it makes the ride highly uncomfortable and bumpy. 

    However, all terrains models are much suitable for the outdoors. This is because they have rubber tires which are big in size and are air filled. So when you go through rough surfaces it has the ability to absorb all types of shock. 

    But this type is not suitable for the indoors as it creates a lot of friction when you make turns. This is because rubber does not smoothly move on surfaces such as tiles or laminated floors. They also have the ability to damage and leave scars on the floor. 

    So keep in mind to purchase a terrain scooter only if you spend a lot of time outdoors. But if you’re a person that spends a lot of your time indoors you can use a model such as the Swivelmate. 

    Use the correct riding posture

    If you want to comfortably ride the knee scooter, proper posture is the key. It will also help to avoid back pain and knee pain on your injured leg. Avoid hunching, and keep a straight back and relaxed posture when riding the knee scooter. 

    For a comfortable posture, make sure to keep your injured on the platform at a 90° angle. You must also wear comfortable shoes that help you to have a good grip when riding the scooter. Try your best to avoid using flip flops or slippers as they increase the possibility of slipping. 

    Adjust the knee platform to the correct height

    One main reason that you get pain in your knee when using this equipment is because of the knee rest. If you have not adjusted it to the correct height it is very uncomfortable to ride on.

    The correct height to adjust the knee rest is to have it in the same distance as your bent knee and the floor. 

    If you adjust your knee rest too high you will face the following issues. It causes too much strain your knee. You will also face difficulty in keeping your good leg on the ground. 

    When this happens it makes difficult for you take long strides. All of these are the result of having an imbalanced scooter. This is quite dangerous as you can even tip over and fall causing injury. 

    But if you leave the knee platform on too low, you will still have difficulty in taking long strides. This makes you put too much pressure on at least one of your knees. This once again leads to imbalance which can cause an injury. 

    If you want to know how to adjust the height accurately, you must keep your good foot on the floor. If you can keep it on the ground easily then it’s in the correct position. 

    Set the correct knee platform orientation

    In many cases people complain that they face pain in their good leg when they use the knee scooter. This because the ankle tends hit the scooter frame making it uncomfortable. This happens when you set the knee rest too far away from your good leg. 

    But to solve this issue there are particular knee scooters with adjustable knee rests. You can move it to the right or left according to the way you want. 

    Adjust handle bar to the correct height

    If the handle bar of your scooter is not adjusted to the correct height, you must hunch to reach it. This causes back and hip pain. And because of this you cannot support yourself in the correct way. And eventually it leads to tiredness.

    You must place the handlebars at the same height as your weight. And reaching the handlebars must not be difficult. You must be able to easily reach it in a relaxed approach.

    To make this process easier you can purchase a knee scooter in which you can adjust the steering rod. If you are very tall this equipment helps you to adjust it according to the way that you want. So that you can have a comfortable riding experience. 

    Using knee pad covers

    Sometimes when you use a knee walker for a long time it causes pain your resting knee. And humidity and heat only adds up to this discomfort. And some cheap knee scooters do not consist of much cushioning on the knee pad. Because of this it makes your experience uncomfortable. 

    If you have such a knee scooter with low cushioning keep a towel on the knee rest when using it. or you can also purchase a knee pad cover which is much more effective. When you put a knee pad cover on your seat it gives you extra comfort. 

    It consists of air which circulates around your leg. This helps to avoid your leg from sticking to the seat. There are various types of knee pad covers which you can choose from. Some of them are comfy cushion, memory foam, and fleece.

    Avoid overexerting yourself

    Sometimes you begin to feel discomfort only when you overexert yourself. This also happens when you do a long activity using your knee walker. They are options to help you move around but keep in mind not to abuse its abilities.

    This includes going on very long walks or standing using the knee walker for a long time. Keep in mind that you have an injured leg. So make sure not to overexert yourself of you want to be able to walk on your own soon. Plenty of rest is very beneficial in the healing process. 

    However, most knee scooters are designed to provide you the best comfort possible. But if you face discomfort while using the knee scooter make sure to try the above stated methods. The above methods will help you to identify the issue and the necessary action to it. 

    Even after you follow the above methods and you still feel discomfort it is best that you consult a doctor. Also take advice from your physician before you follow these tips.


    Said in short, it is important to know how to use a knee scooters. If you know how to use a knee scooters in the correct way it will help to avoid many dangers as well as injuries. Learning how to use a knee scooter is not a hard task at all. All you have to do is follow the proper instructions.

    However, when using a knee scooter you must keep certain things in mind. This includes, the knee rest adjustments, posture, etc. If you begin to face any pains or issues when you use the knee scooter it is best to consult a doctor. 

    Or if your pain continues try changing your posture, adjust the knee rest and the handlebars. Doing so will make your ride much comfortable. For further comfort you can also try some knee rest paddings that are high in quality. This will help to avoid knee pain when riding. 

    Also, you must at all cost avoid using the stairs when on the knee scooter. This is quite dangerous and is most likely to cause injuries and further damages. You can use other substitutes as mentioned above in the article.

    A Simple Guide on How to Clean Roller Skate Wheels


    Similar to knowing how to ride roller skates it is also important that you know how to clean roller skate wheels. Cleaning and maintaining your skates is important if you want to use it for a long time. 

    However, when cleaning roller skate wheels there is a particular method which you should follow. The following article will guide you on how you can safely clean your roller skate wheels.

    How to clean your roller skate wheels

    If you’re wondering “how to clean my roller skate wheels and bearings?” the answer is simple. The following will guide you step by step on how to clean roller skate wheels and bearings. It will also give insight on how you can clean the roller skate boots.

    How to clean roller skate wheels

    The first thing you must know when cleaning the wheels is that, make sure no water gets into the bearings. If water gets into the bearings, it will rust and slow down the movements of the wheels. 

    To avoid this, make sure to remove the bearings from the wheels before cleaning it. You can use a special tool to remove it or gently pull it out from the nook. 

    Afterwards, place the wheels in a bowl full of warm soap water. Once it completely soaks, you can take of the grime. If you have a degreasing agent you can use it as well. But make sure to read the instructions to check if it’s suitable for the wheels. 

    Once you are done cleaning the wheels, let it dry completely before you assemble it.

    How to clean roller skate bearings

    Cleaning roller skate bearings is a bit difficult than cleaning the wheels. To do this process you need a tool such as a paper clip to remove the seals of the bearings. After you remove it, grab the isopropyl alcohol and submerge the bearings in it. 

    Depending on how grimy the bearings are, let them sit for at least 8- 12 minutes. However, keep the following in mind;

    If the alcohol looks grimy, you can drain it and refill. 

    If the container is sealer, close the lid and shake the contents so that the grime will be loosened. 

    You can clean the rubber seal with a gentle amount of alcohol and a paper towel. Make sure it’s completely dry before you put it back on the bearing.

    How to clean roller skate boots

    Cleaning the boot of a roller skate is no different to cleaning a normal shoe. If the boot is made of leather you can use a leather shiner.

     However the type of solution to clean the boot depends on the type of material the boot is made out of. You can clean a normal pair of skates using a soap and water.

    What wheels are good for street roller skating?

    It is important that you identify which roller skate wheels are best to use when street skating. The following are a few that are highly suitable for street skating. 

    1. The Micnaron skate wheels 

    This type comes in various sizes and has a standard center bearing ID 6mm. these wheels are smooth and are shock proof. And also, they don’t peel when you use it which makes it suitable for rough surfaces such as the streets.  

    2. Atom skates Atom pulse outdoor skating wheels

    These wheels are made with soft materials and are a great fix for outdoor skating. You can mainly use it in pavements, sidewalks and streets. They roll smoothly on any type of surface making it a great fit for outdoor use. 

    3. Moxi classic outdoor roller skates

    These wheels are long-lasting and durable. They make these wheels with urethane which makes it one of the best wheels for outdoor skating. Because the outdoor surfaces of the wheels are smooth it helps the wheels to roll smoothly. 

    Should I clean my roller skate wheels?

    It is important that every user cleans their roller skate wheels. Most users tend to use their roller skates until it gets clogged. They begin to realize it only when the skates slow down and begin to give out a noise when skating. 

    Even though you can’t see the bearings of the wheels, it does an important job. It helps the wheels of your skates to spin and induces speed. 

    If you don’t clean the wheels of your roller skates, it is quite dangerous. This is because they can blow out or even seize up. It can also make your rolls harsh which makes falling or stumbling more frequent.  This is why you need to know how to clean roller skate wheels.

    How often should you clean roller skate bearings?

    Other than how to clean roller skate wheels, a common question many people ask is how often should you clean it. You should it once every two or three months. But this depends on the type of environment you usually skate in. 

    If you skate indoors but the surface is not that clean, then you must shine the bearings once a month. You should clean it more often if you skate outdoors.

    Final Verdict

    Overall, cleaning roller skate wheels is not a hard task at all. However, it is quite important that you clean your roller skate wheels at least once every three months. It can be quite dangerous if you don’t clean them as you can stumble as the wheels won’t be smooth. 

    When you don’t clean roller skate wheels it also makes the ride slower. And the bearings will begin to rust making the skates unusable until you repair it.

     When you clean the skates make sure to keep some important points in mind. This includes, not letting water get into the bearings and the types of solutions you must use to clean it. 

    If you want to know how to clean roller skate wheels, all you have to do is follow the guide. Once you do this, you will realize the positive effects of it. And also, your roller skates will stay smooth and up to the quality when you first bought it.