Longboard vs Skateboard
For a long time, there were significantly more skateboarders than longboard riders on the streets. Only a few years ago, the popularity of the larger longboards increased. Skateboarders usually stand on the board in their free time to perform tricks. On the other hand, longboards are primarily used to move comfortably from one destination to another. The Skateboard is...
Penny Board vs. Long Board
If you want to find a board that suits your needs, there are many options on the market. You will definitely have a hard time choosing of penny board vs long board. By just looking at them, you would really get confused as well. Thus, its best to narrow down the choice by determining the main purpose of your...
How to Stop on a Longboard
We've all seen people flying on longboards in the street. You could have given it a try yourself at some point - and why shouldn't you? The speed and the rush of adrenaline - combined with the wind blowing through your hair - can be a fantastic experience for all ages. An essential part, however, is how to come...


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